AI Upskilling Platform Raises $16m Series A

William Smith

The company’s upskilling offering is aimed at boosting employee digital literacy

AI Upskilling Platform Raises $16m Series A

AI Upskilling platform has announced its latest Series A round of funding. 

The company offers a platform to help organisations support digital transformation by providing employees with new skills. The platform features adaptive assessments, over 3,000 micro-skills and personalised learning plans – alongside tailored assessments for both technical and non-technical roles. 

The company’s latest $16mn Series A round was led by New Enterprise Associates alongside Owl Ventures and AI Fund, as well as Richard Socher of AIX Ventures, Pieter Abbeel, Lake Dai and Mehran Sahami.  

Workera said its offering provides resources targeted to specific roles and tailored to existing proficiency, with iterative assessments providing constant feedback for continuous learning. 

“Our mission is to help humanity achieve its fullest potential by providing world-class, AI-driven mentorship at scale,” said Kian Katanforoosh, Workera CEO. “We want everyone to be able to thrive professionally and this requires precise guidance. With Workera, it’s now possible to identify the workforce’s most effective path to innovation.” 

Managers using the platform, meanwhile, can index employee technical efficiency, and customise content deployed to workers.  

“The Workera solution is incredibly important—the company is solving a key strategic challenge for enterprises and governments by helping to ensure that their employees and citizens have the skills to build the future,” said Carmen Chang, General Partner and Head of Asia at New Enterprise Associates. 

Workera said it would use the funds to accelerate the development of new products and expand its market presence, with its customers including the likes of Siemens Energy and companies in the professional services and medical devices industries.  

“Workera has helped me uncover my team’s strengths and discover areas for development on both an organisational and individual level. Without Workera, we would not have been able to target training as effectively, and ultimately, we wouldn’t have been able to reach the outcomes we have,” said Matthew Bryan, Head of Digital Agile Program Management in Power and Gas Product Development at Siemens Energy. 



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