Crownpeak, Dynamic Yield Partner on Experience Optimisation

William Smith

The partnership is aimed at helping companies individualise experiences across channels

Crownpeak, Dynamic Yield Partner on Experience Optimisation

Digital experience platform Crownpeak has announced the launch of its new Experience Optimisation Engine powered by personalisation engine provider Dynamic Yield. 

Crownpeak’s platform is based around content management, experience optimisation, governance and personalisation, with solutions for creating and deploying omni-channel digital experiences. 

Dynamic Yield, meanwhile, offers a solution for algorithmically matching content, products and offers with individuals based on their behaviour and activities via a self-training deep learning model. 

The combined solution helps companies created and deliver personalised digital experiences to boost loyalty, engagement and revenue by integrating Dynamic Yield’s technology with Crownpeak’s platform. Among the features of the new engine are: 

  • AI-powered content recommendation that evolve in real-time 
  • Audience identification through segmentation and analytics 
  • Unified profiles for customers and prospects 
  • Automated testing and optimisation of workflows to maximise content performance 

“Buyers today are more empowered, independent and online – often preferring to navigate their journeys themselves, rather than engage with sales upfront,” said Lacey Ford, CMO, Crownpeak. “That’s why it’s incredibly important to provide tailored, relevant and easy-to-navigate digital experiences that draw prospects to you and keep them engaged.  

“Our experience optimisation engine and partnership with Dynamic Yield enable companies to make the most of their content – using personalisation and A/B testing to create cohesive buyer journeys and impactful customer experiences that ultimately increase sales.” 

Citing data from Gartner, the companies said that 32% of digital marketing leaders identified personalised customer experiences were among their top three 2021 marketing objectives. 

“The combination of Dynamic Yield and Crownpeak is incredibly powerful for organisations,” said Anoop Vasisht, VP of Partnerships at Dynamic Yield. “Dynamic Yield determines the optimal content or offer to show each individual or microsegment, and Crownpeak orchestrates the experience delivery to any device, across any digital channel. All this happens in real time – maximising the impact and likelihood of conversion.” 



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