CX in Ecommerce Case Study: Yotpo and PSD Underwear

Creating a Lean Strategy for Customer Service

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Last Edited: March 13, 2023

Rebekah Carter

To deliver an exceptional level of customer service and support in today’s landscape, companies need to be able to collect, evaluate, and use information collected from their audience. The more feedback and insights a business can generate, the faster they can develop the right CX plan.  

PSD Underwear, an ecommerce and retail brand, built its organization around two core values: personalization, and authenticity. To deliver on its promise to customers, the company needed a way of actively collecting information from clients, and using the right data to bring personalization to every stage of the purchasing journey. Searching for a way to innovate, while simultaneously maintaining a lean technology stack, PSD decided to work with Yotpo.  

Here’s how Yotpo’s technology helped PSD Underwear to take the next step in its customer service and support strategy.  

Building a Strategy for a Better Customer Journey 

With a strong focus on personalizing customer service, PSD found itself searching for new ways to collect and leverage consumer data throughout the purchasing journey. The company wanted to keep its technology stack lean, while still leveraging best-in-class solutions for CX, at a time when “cost per acquisition” for the brand was on the rise.  

Struggling with a competitive landscape, the company believed the best strategy it could implement for growth, would focus on retention, rather than acquisition. As such, they started looking for a solution that would help them to create more unique, memorable experiences for each of their customers, to improve their chances of long-term sales.  

After some careful consideration, PSD eventually chose Yotpo as the key solution to streamline and enhance its technology stack. The company leveraged SMSBump to build an omnichannel subscriber growth campaign, and leaned on Yotpo’s experience in customer success for best practice recommendations and guidance.  

Eventually, the team decided to combine two key channels in their strategy together: their loyalty program, and SMS marketing campaigns. By migrating its contact list into Yotpo, the company was able to leverage extensive subscriber collection tools, to capture customers across more channels, and leverage useful insights into their audiences. At the same time, the team created a strategy for collecting loyalty-focused, review-centric information from members.  

Unlocking New Levels of Success 

With Yotpo’s technology, PSD Underwear was able to personalize its messaging strategy more effectively for its loyalty members. The new initiative led to five times more orders per loyalty customers, and an increase in review generation of 411% through SMS requests.  

What’s more, the company also experienced a 625 times ROI on abandoned cart flows, specifically tailored to loyalty members. Since migrating to its new ecosystem, PSD has been able to benefit from a more consistent review generation strategy, increased retention rate, and greater levels of subscriber growth and loyalty. The brand was even able to enhance the results of their personalized loyalty win-back flows, reminding customers of loyalty point balances, and offering them extra points for submitting reviews, all through SMS.  

PSD also took advantage of Yotpo’s tools for advanced segmentation, to ensure everyone in their contact flow was receiving the right messages, tailored to their interests.  



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