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Building a Strong Foundation for Remote Customer Engagement

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Published: April 18, 2023

Rebekah Carter

Developing excellent customer experiences in the manufacturing industry is crucial for any business in today’s competitive world. Delivering on consumer expectations requires organizations in these field to invest not just in the right team, but the correct tools to streamline interactions.  

CPG Europe, a leading provider of construction materials, understands that building great CX requires a multi-faceted, flexible approach. The huge company operates on an international basis, delivering innovative tools to architects, construction site workers, building specialists and project managers.  

To stay ahead in the marketplace, CPG Europe believes it’s crucial to be able to rapidly respond to customer queries with innovative contact center tools. Because of this, the company started looking for CCaaS solutions that would allow the company to become more accessible across multiple channels. Fortunately, the team found Twilio 

Delivering Flexible Customer Service 

According to CPG Europe, the rising need to support and reach customers with multiple tools delivered under a single umbrella is what led the company to Twilio. Originally, the organization was just looking for a SIP provider. However, when the COVID pandemic fit, the brand began prioritizing a more flexible solution, capable of adapting to the changing workplace.  

Eventually, the business chose to adopt the Twilio Flex contact center solution, to help simplify customer experience, by bringing agents and customers into a streamlined, accessible ecosystem. Prior to using this technology, CPG Europe was constantly trying to balance services from a range of different telephony providers. Switching to Twilio allowed the company to embrace a more flexible, scalable solution, in an all-in-one connected environment.  

The Twilio portal made it easy for the company’s leaders to set up new numbers and connections without technical assistance. It also ensured the company could rapidly implement a fully remote contact center, both during and following the pandemic.  

Enabling Rapid Global Expansion 

Though CPG Europe had used cloud contact center solutions in the past, they had lacked crucial features like real-time reporting, to assist with measuring performance. The business was able to rapidly shift into the Flex landscape, working with Twilio, and access improved business continuity. Rather than relying on different site-specific numbers of physical constraints, CPG Europe was able to merge all of its phone numbers into a simple IVR system.  

Customers can now rest assured they’ll always be routed to the right agent without having to be transferred between teams. Plus, Flex has enabled CPG Europe to launch specific features relevant to their customer’s needs, such as an “emergency mode”, which ensures customers can leave a message even when a line is facing technical issues.  

Currently, CPG Europe is leveraging the power of Flex to continue expanding their engagement operations, and enhancing their CX strategy. The brand started with calling functionality, before branching out into new channels like chat, SMS, and beyond. According to CPG Europe, Twilio’s flexible and scalable nature was perfectly suited to the company’s evolving needs.  


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