CX Travel Case Study: Genesys and SITA 

Transforming Customer Communications with Genesys 

CX Travel Case Study Genesys and SITA - CX Today
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Published: February 13, 2023

Rebekah Carter

Delivering exceptional customer experiences is important for any business, no matter the industry. However, in the travel landscape, where employees and customers are often distributed across a wide landscape, maintain high levels of customer satisfaction can be complex.  

The process becomes even more challenging when companies are dealing with distributed tools for collecting, managing, and responding to customer data.  

SITA, a company responsible for helping thousands of airlines, government agencies, and airports power hassle-free customer journeys, found themselves seeking a more streamlined and intuitive solution for CX, in the age of digital transformation. Here’s what happened when SITA joined forces with the Genesys team for customer service.  

Preparing for Rapid Scale and Transformation 

SITA manages countless interactions between customers and travel leaders, supporting everything from the check-in and security process, to boarding and tracking baggage. To manage this workflow, the company utilizes eight service centers, with 400 agents handling calls across 150 countries.  

Growing disruption in the IT sector, prompting the rise of 5G, IoT, and other solutions, prompted SITA to update its customer service strategy to suit the modern landscape. SITA decided to elevate its customer experience with a cloud-based contact center, capable of offering more omnichannel features. The brand opted for the Genesys Cloud CX platform, citing its ease of use and excellent availability as deciding factors.  

The company wanted to manage calls from around the world in a central location, and make it easier for customers to leverage new channels like chat and email. According to the Service Improvement Senior Manager, Vichaig Douangpaseuth, transitioning to Genesys Cloud CX was surprisingly straightforward. It only took 5 minutes to switch SIP traffic from 150 countries into one environment.  

Not only has the technology improved communication quality and employee engagement, but it has also improved voice team efficiency by up to 50%. SITA also now has access to more data, allowing the company to adjust call flows more effectively. Even response times have improved, ensuring the team can respond to emergencies rapidly.  

Looking Ahead for New Opportunities 

Following the incredible success of the initial roll-out of Genesys Cloud CX, SITA said they were planning on implementing new strategies to improve customer experience. The current solution is offering seamless handovers between teams, as well as 24/7 customer service opportunities. The brand also noted they were in a better place for disaster recovery and disaster planning.  

Leveraging the open APIs of Genesys Cloud, SITA will be able to implement click-to-call features to check-in kiosks, and issue new PIN codes to consumers faster. SITA also plans on making further integrations with Salesforce and ServiceNow, building the Genesys Cloud CX landscape into its customer value proposition.  

The exceptional outcomes of the Genesys CX solution have prompted significant excitement among the SITA team, who are already in the first stages of planning what comes next in their CX journey.   



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