Five9 and Zoom Present Answer to Customer Loyalty Woes 

Building brand loyalty through positive Contact Centre experiences is key 

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Five9 and Zoom Present Answer to Customer Loyalty Woes
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Published: June 14, 2022

Elliot Mulley-Goodbarne

In today’s digital age, customers have more choice than ever before when it comes to where they spend their money.  

In the face of tougher times, customers can be ruthless in cutting ties, as seen in the recent Netflix exodus, unless there is a clear value being delivered, or a genuine connection with brands. 

Modern Cloud technologies offer several advantages for businesses that want to improve their customer experience while lowering the costs associated with a legacy on-prem solution. One of the key benefits of moving to the cloud is an omnichannel approach, in which customers can contact businesses through whichever channel they prefer, whether it is phone, email, chat, or social media.  

According to Frank aan de Stegge, EMEA Partner Marketing Leader at Zoom, enabling this omnichannel communication strategy can help build resonance with customers, adding that, “there has been a big shift in consumer behaviour when it comes to brand abandonment. 

“Research has shown that many of the Gen Z and Millennial shoppers have deserted brands, which is the biggest reason organisations are now rethinking their traditional customer service model and pivoting towards a customer focus that re-establishes brand loyalty” 

It is more important than ever for businesses to focus on delivering excellent customer experiences. Contact Centres are a key part of the customer experience, and many businesses are turning to the cloud to improve their Contact Centre operations.  

In step, Five9 and Zoom who are filling the gap in the market for those looking for Contact Centre solutions that provide an effective way to engage with customers in their hour of need, while leveraging cloud technologies to find a solution in an efficient manner.  

As Five9 President of Partner Sales, Thomas John, points out, the cloud boom for the Contact Centre is yet to peak, and Five9 is leveraging the relationship with Zoom to cater to businesses’ needs.  

“Customer experience is clearly of fundamental importance to businesses,” said John. “Generally, the rule of thumb is that 1,000-strong enterprises house roughly 100 people working in a contact centre or in a customer service domain.  

“That 10-1 rule holds true down to small companies, which shows how important customer service is for business. In Europe, there are estimated to be 6 million contact centre seats, and we know that the move to Cloud really began in earnest during the Covid-19 pandemic. The growth rates we’re seeing point to an inflection point in the market, and Five9 believe we are at the beginning.” 

Better Agent Wellbeing

Another advantage of cloud technology is that it can help improve agent wellbeing. Contact Centres can be notoriously stressful places to work, and agents often must deal with challenging calls.  

Businesses are constantly looking to the cloud technology to reduce stress for agents, through capabilities like ‘call flagging,’ and connecting callers with specific people who can help resolve their issue faster.  

In turn, this brings an overall improvement in agent wellbeing for people who, as John points out, are often at the beginning of their career. 

“Zoom and Five9 are solving what seems to be an age-old frustration that leads to potential mental wellbeing concerns, particularly for the agent. Through engagement solutions like gamification, we are revolutionising the Contact Centre, and agents using our solution are, anecdotally, staying up to six months longer than before.  

“Decreasing churn and providing better wellbeing obviously helps CIOs save on their single biggest Contact Centre cost – hiring new agents. And of course, the adage that happy agents create happier customers still rings true.” 

Boosting Customer Loyalty

It’s clear that the Contact Centre is a key part of customer loyalty and maintaining a meaningful relationship, which businesses are now waking up to. As Frank aan de Stegge says, “From our perspective, we’re genuinely seeing a shift amongst organisations looking to offer a better customer experience. A lot of organisations have been getting by with the basic capabilities from UC services, which fundamentally isn’t enough for the demands of today’s market.”  

“Five9 provides a full suite of CX tools to assist an agent, from the immediate call handling right through to analytics, and the integration with Zoom helps to increase the all-important first contact resolution.  

“When agents can pull in a subject matter expert through Zoom, we are enabling the agent to deliver the best possible experience to the end customer.” 



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