Genpact Completes Hoodoo Digital Acquisition

Charlie Mitchell

The global firm expands its CX agency, Rightpoint, to help brands increase their digital agility

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Genpact Completes Hoodoo Digital Acquisition

Genpact has acquired Hoodoo Digital, the digital experience consultancy, to grow its CX agency Rightpoint.

The move underlines Rightpoint’s desire to help clients deliver seamless online experiences. After all, Hoodoo Digital is a prominent specialist in designing, developing, and integrating digital solutions.

As such, Rightpoint may now harness new capabilities to help clients manage their content, commerce, and marketing operations across the enterprise. Yet, perhaps most notably, the CX agency is better set to enable companies to unlock digital agility.

Agility is crucial in a world of constantly evolving business models. The success of many experience-centred enterprises hinges on their ability to mine data, drive actionable insights, and evolve quickly.

According to Genpact, an approach of this ilk is critical to compete and drive growth in a digital world. Such a belief is perhaps a pertinent factor in this acquisition. As Katie Stein, chief strategy officer and global business leader, enterprise services at Genpact, says:

The combination of Rightpoint’s tremendous experience expertise with Hoodoo Digital’s deep knowledge of Adobe solutions will allow our clients to speed their customer experience transformations to drive growth.

Being a Platinum-level Adobe solution partner, Hoodoo Digital garnered a strong market presence thanks to its deep expertise in creating innovative customer journeys.

After the acquisition, Hoodoo’s team of expertly trained engineers will continue to do so. The existing members of the Rightpoint team will then align business processes to the desired customer journeys. In doing so, clients can quickly adapt to their customers.

Such an approach is crucial to successful agile transformation projects. The processes must support the vision. McKinsey & Company research supports this notion, finding that: “The organizations driving highly successful agile transformations made sure to do that by building an effective, stable backbone.”

Fortunately, Rightpoint and Hoodoo Digital will now work as one to connect all the dots, reimagine critical processes, and reinvent the ways brands work.

Excited by that prospect, Andy Wakefield, the co-founder of Hoodoo Digital, states:

Bringing our teams together expands our design and strategy capabilities and provides an incredible talent pool to jointly design winning solutions that drive revenue growth for our clients.

Many of these winning solutions are likely to be powered by Adobe, given the expertise of the Hoodoo Digital team with Adobe Experience Manager and other Adobe applications. Add Rightpoint’s existing capabilities to provide clients with end-to-end solutions into the equation, and the acquisition grows ever more exciting.



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