ISG Pinpoints Four Enterprise Client Personas for BPOs

Its research also suggests that technology maturity is shaping CX initiatives

ISG Pinpoints Four Enterprise Client Personas for BPOs
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Published: November 21, 2022

Charlie Mitchell

ISG has highlighted four archetypes within enterprise clients that want to work with customer experience service providers.

These are: Automation Embracers, Digital Connoisseurs, CX Evangelists, and Work-From-Home (WFH) Buyers.

The market analyst did so in its 2022 ISG Provider Lens Contact Center — Customer Experience Services Archetype study.

The report reviews the capability of CX service providers to meet the needs of conventional, frequently encountered enterprise clients.

In doing so, it came up with its four personas that BPOs must be prepared to work with.

Each archetype has its own needs and problems, which vary over time. Keeping tabs on these and adapting services may help attract more enterprise customers.

So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the archetypes.

1. Automation Embracers

Automation Embracers often trail competitors in their digital transformation efforts but have prioritized catching up.

The pandemic was a significant catalyst, pushing them to embrace new customer engagement channels and employ automation. Why? To strengthen customer retention rates and reduce strain on service teams.

In line with the latter, cost savings remain a priority, with Automation Embracers striving to overcome skill and technology gaps by leveraging external expertise and a global presence.

2. Digital Connoisseurs

Digital Connoisseurs have designed an omnichannel customer experience and – in doing so  – familiarized themselves with cutting-edge CX technologies, including RPA.

Typically, these buyers now strive to scale their transformation efforts to enhance CX and use that to differentiate their proposition and gain an edge over competitors.

Moreover, Digital Connoisseurs want to build long-term partnerships with providers that offer comprehensive digital capabilities embedded with machine learning and AI.

3. CX Evangelists

Analytics-driven customer experience transformation is the priority for CX Evangelists.

Indeed, clients in this archetype look for strategic partners with a visionary set of analytics specialties, transformation solutions, and deployment experience.

These businesses also aim to work with the brightest agents who demonstrate domain expertise.

Finally, CX Evangelists base partnerships on customer experience metrics, correlations with revenues, and various other business outcomes.

4. WFH Buyers

WFH buyers have re-evaluated their hybrid strategies and have decided to make a profound change.

Their primary objectives are to gain access to a larger talent pool, achieve cost savings, and build better business resiliency.

These clients will likely select service providers with the agent training, skills, and technologies to support WFH. It is likely that these BPOs must also showcase a robust security infrastructure.

Further Findings From ISG’s Report

Enterprises embrace new technologies at varying rates, as solution maturity and needs differ from one business to another.

Nevertheless, ISG highlights automation and analytics as two technologies enjoying a surge in adoption – thanks, in part, to the switch to hybrid working.

Conversation automation and sentiment analysis are two particularly popular use cases, according to the market analyst, helping improve customer and employee experiences.

“At the highest levels of leadership, enterprises are recognizing the strategic importance of customer experience,” added Jan Erik Aase, Partner and Global Leader of ISG Provider Lens Research.

Modern digital customer experience technology is becoming essential, especially as hiring and retaining skilled agents grows more challenging. Companies are seeking providers’ help at all stages of this evolution.

Of course, each enterprise is at a different stage of this evolution. Yet, by preparing for the four personas above, BPOs can meet an eclectic range of enterprise needs.

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