Salesfloor Acquires Automat

Charlie Mitchell

Following the announcement, Salesfloor will enable more brands to reimagine the online shopping experience

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Salesfloor Acquires Automat

Salesfloor has completed its acquisition of Automat, the company that uses AI to personalise eCommerce experiences and meet the unique needs of its clients.

Offering retail sales automation and conversational AI, the platform understands every customer. As such, it powers guided shopping experiences and product recommendations.

These capabilities will further strengthen the Salesfloor proposition with its unique mix of tools, which will sit in the hands of store associates who use Salesfloor to engage with customers.

By redefining the role of store associates, the Salesfloor platform allows customers to shop online and receive support from their favourite in-store associate anywhere, across any channel.

Of course, such an application increases in-store associate productivity. But it also enables employees to build more meaningful relationships with customers. Automat AI will further these relationships, driving up customer loyalty.

Excited by the latest development to this unique proposition, Oscar Sachs, CEO of Salesfloor, says:

Through this exciting acquisition, we are able to provide a mix of human store associates and AI-assisted capabilities to optimize the shopping experience.

“The ability to leverage automation technology allows for a more personalized, targeted and efficient shopping experience for the customer, while also optimizing the use of store associate’s valuable time – ultimately, to the benefit of retailers,” concludes Sachs.

Consider how such a shopping experience may now look. After browsing in-store, “on the fence” customers can continue their shopping experience online. There, they may engage with the same associate that they have previously spoken to.

With the option to connect across multiple channels, customers can visit that associate’s online storefront, receive product recommendations, and read reviews.

Such an approach will redefine many customer engagement strategies. Ordinarily, shoppers choose between personalised, in-store service or online shopping without support. Salesfloor aim to combine the best elements of each.

Adding live human features to their retail sales automation platform has long been a goal for Automat. Delighted to now offer their clients such capabilities, Andy Mauro, CEO of Automat, says:

The typical way the industry thinks about this is to connect a customer service live chat team to a conversational AI or chatbot system. However, in speaking with retailers, we realized that they were not trying to automate their customer service so much as they needed help scaling their live store associate teams.

Mauro continues: “As soon as Oscar and I began designing how our two platforms could do this in tandem, we realized that Automat joining Salesfloor has the potential to redefine the entire clienteling and virtual shopping experience.”

Undoubtedly, this aim is exciting. Yet, by simply equipping associates to engage with customers via digital channels, businesses can drive customers back in-store and bolster online sales too. In doing so, companies can reimagine their approach to enhancing brand loyalty.



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