ServiceNow Transforms Its Partner Program to Build Ecosystem Growth

ServiceNow has redesigned its partner program

ServiceNow redesigns its Partner Program
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Published: January 18, 2023

Ryan Smith

ServiceNow has announced a major transformation of its partner program in order to further partner growth and customer success.

According to the company, the multi-year vision will support a “$500bn market opportunity” for the Now Platform and associated partner services.

The transformation will see a redesign of the company’s existing partner program, which includes a new Partner Development Fund, along with other incentives and benefits.

Erica Volini, Senior Vice President of Alliances and Channel Ecosystem at ServiceNow, commented:

The vision for ServiceNow partners is that they should be treated as co‑creators of value, and as co‑pilots on our journey to becoming the platform for digital business.

“Our reimagined Partner Program creates an unbounded opportunity for partners to expand and collaborate with ServiceNow well beyond where we can go alone.

“We are investing in partner success, championing their expertise, and giving them the flexibility to drive exponential value with our platform.”

ServiceNow claims that its expansive partner ecosystem is critical to helping customers realize the full value of the Now Platform.

The company is helping its partners meet demand by investing in new initiatives to facilitate and expand their partners’ expertise and skills while maximizing their contributions.

ServiceNow has released the full details of its new partner program, which include the following:

  • More Flexibility: ServiceNow is creating four distinct modules in which partners can choose to participate in. These include Build, Consulting and Implementation, Resale, and Service Provider. These modules allow partners to better align themselves with the unique roles and routes to market within the ServiceNow ecosystem.
  • New Incentives: ServiceNow is adding new partner incentives to maximize their investments and foster additional opportunities to show expertise and capabilities. All qualifying partners now also have access to a Partner Development Fund, along with discounts and rebates that help speed up growth and profitability.
  • A New Partner Experience: As a result of its new program, ServiceNow is rolling out an updated partner experience and benefits tied to different partner modules and contributions brought to the ecosystem. These experience enhancements include an improved partner portal and a “partner finder” to enable customers to find the right organization to suit their business needs.

ServiceNow has revealed that the elements of the Partner Program were developed after feedback from existing partners was taken into account.

The new ServiceNow Partner Program will be available for all ServiceNow partners from March 6, 2023.

Its launch comes as ServiceNow starts to establish many high-profile partnerships across the space.

Perhaps most notable was its link up with Zoom, which makes the Now Virtual Agent available on Zoom Team Chat.

It allows employees to perform routine ServiceNow tasks through messaging alone, including exchanging data between ServiceNow apps and finding answers to FAQs.

The virtual assistant allows teams to quickly access automated IT support, freeing up IT teams to accelerate CX transformation projects.

When this new program launches, ServiceNow will hope to kickstart many more high-profile partnerships throughout 2023.



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