Zoom and ServiceNow Team Up In the Name of Conversational AI

Teams may automate tasks and work more efficiently via Zoom Team Chat

Zoom and ServiceNow Team Up In the Name of Conversational AI
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Published: September 27, 2022

Charlie Mitchell

The Now Virtual Agent is available on Zoom Team Chat, allowing employees to perform routine ServiceNow tasks through messaging alone.

Such tasks include exchanging data between ServiceNow apps and finding answers to FAQs. Below is an example of the latter, shared in a Zoom blog.

As this example suggests, the virtual assistant allows teams to quickly access automated IT support, freeing up IT teams to accelerate CX transformation projects.

Such support also includes requesting application access and hardware. In gaining quick responses, teams can crack on with their work without disruption.

The virtual agent may also resolve common HR tasks across ServiceNow’s cloud services.

Yet, this is not the only new addition to Zoom Team Chat. Indeed, the company has also launched an integration with Jira.

Jira offers software to help teams manage issues, align workflows, and track activities.

Now, teams can view, create, and revise issues logged in Jira from Zoom Team Chat. As a result, there is no need to switch between the applications, while it is easier than ever to share and discuss problems with employees.

Such advancements support the vendor’s mission to help businesses “use Zoom to connect teams on and off video.” As Janine Pelosi, Chief Marketing Officer at Zoom, said:

Modern chat technology helps dispersed teams consolidate workflows and gain efficiencies, and enables people to work better together. With one-touch access to video meetings, phone, whiteboarding, and more, Zoom Team Chat brings people together in modern ways.

The recent focus of Zoom to enhance its messaging offering culminated in the name change of “Zoom Chat” to “Zoom Team Chat”.

Such a focus follows Salesforce’s success in using Slack to connect its offerings and the broader enterprise.

Indeed, Zoom is rapidly expanding its Zoom One collaboration suite in a bid to become a stalwart communications platform – like Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Its plan seems to be catching fire, with Synergy Research Group finding that in Q2 of 2022, its UCaaS proposition grew by 40 percent year over year, eclipsing Microsoft’s growth.

Also, its enterprise business increased 27 percent last quarter (YoY), despite a decline in its consumer offering, as the world grows accustomed to the new normal.

Discussing these results with UC Today, Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst at ZK Research, said:

The tepid growth that we’ve seen from Zoom we will likely see through this year and the next calendar year. But, we will reach the point where the growth in its enterprise business starts to outpace the decline in the consumer business by quite a bit. Then, you’ll start to see that hockey stick growth curve again for Zoom.

However, like all its competitors, catering to the wide-ranging needs of large enterprises and shifting to become a platform company is a long-term goal that will take time.

Elsewhere, ServiceNow enjoyed a promising quarter – despite the economic downturn – with its Creator Workflows solution gaining significant momentum.



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