Shyft Group Chooses TiiCKER Shareholder Loyalty Platform

William Smith

The fleet vehicle manufacturer said TiiCKER would launch its dedicated retail investor and shareholder perks

Shyft Group Chooses TiiCKER Shareholder Loyalty Platform

Fleet vehicle manufacturer and assembler The Shyft Group has announced consumer shareholder loyalty platform TiiCKER is to provide a dedicated retail investor and shareholder perks site. 

TiiCKER provides investors with access to stock perks, commission-free trading and insights into companies in service of improving brand-investor engagment. 

“It was important for us to show our retail investors how much we appreciate their support – as owners and often users of our vehicles,” said Daryl Adams, The Shyft Group’s Chief Executive Officer. “TiiCKER provides an opportunity to thank our retail investors for their loyalty and interest in Shyft, and now we can validate their stock ownership to communicate with them and offer new perks in the future.”

Targeting Retail Investors

The company said that investors who registered and validated their ownership of Shyft Group shares on TiiCKER could qualify for branded Shyft Group apparel and gift cards for retailers, delivery and service companies. Shyft said it would also launch its own dedicated store for shareholders on TiiCKER. 

“Online brokerage firm assets grew 49% in 2020 and now sit at $13.3 trillion. This rise of retail investors underscores the necessity for public companies of all kinds to engage with their shareholder base,” said Jeff Lambert, founder of TiiCKER. “By targeting this key affinity audience of consumer shareholders and helping them make the connection not just to Shyft, but to the major delivery company brands and RV manufacturers and specialty vehicle makers who are their customers, Shyft is tapping into their most loyal fan base, owners.”

The news comes on the back of strong first quarter results from Shyft Group, with sales up 11.8% to $197.9mn compared to the same quarter last year. 

“We are excited with the strong start to the year, as parcel delivery and luxury motor coach continues to exceed our expectations – fueled by innovative products designed to meet our customers’ needs – and ultimately resulted in our backlog increasing over 90%, to a record $667 million,” said Daryl Adams.  “We continue to receive robust orders for Velocity, including our first 350 unit order for our exclusive Velocity M3 walk-in-van vehicle.  Operationally, our ongoing focus and investment in manufacturing capability continues to have an impact, as we set a new production record in Bristol and successfully launched the new Velocity plant in Michigan.” 

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