Thoughtworks Acquires Handmade Design

Charlie Mitchell

The acquisition paves the way for Thoughtworks to expand its presence in Latin America

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Thoughtworks Acquires Handmade Design

Thoughtworks is acquiring Handmade Design, a CX design and innovation consultancy based in Brazil.

The deal aims to combine the strengths and talents of both companies, bolstering the capability of Thoughtworks to deliver enhanced CX, product, and design solutions for customers in Latin America.

Founded in 2015 with the philosophy of “Learning by doing together,” Handmade Design works with businesses to inform CX strategies, enable agile processes, and support them from design to delivery.

Now, the company boasts a team of around 50 employees, developing more than 100 solutions to address the critical business challenges of its clients. These include Volkswagen, Santander, and Vivara.

Excited to acquire such a forward-thinking company, Guo Xiao, President and Chief Executive Officer at Thoughtworks, stated:

Handmade Design is recognized for its commitment to collaboration, learning, and exchanging ideas as well as developing and designing together with clients.

“Their expertise in co-creating value to businesses will further empower our team in Brazil to build new connections between our client’s brands and people, powered by design.”

Indeed, the companies appear to match up well, embracing a shared idea that design leads to better business decisions – no matter if a company offers physical products, digital goods, or services.

As such, it is no surprise that – after the acquisition closes – the Handmade Design team will work side by side with Thoughtworks, enhancing its CX, product, and design service line in Brazil.

Buoyed by that prospect, Luis Felipe Fernandes, CEO and Co-Founder of Handmade Design, said:

We are excited to become a part of Thoughtworks… The Thoughtworks team shares our passion for placing clients at the center, understanding their behavior and values, and building processes collaboratively with clients to innovate digital businesses through strategic design.

The announcement is the latest in a string of acquisitions by Thoughtworks as it expands its growing geographical footprint.

Indeed, the company recently acquired Canadian product design and development firm Connect after acquiring Finnish machine learning and data science powerhouse Fourkind.

By increasing its worldwide presence, Thoughtworks is enabling more enterprises to keep pace with digital disruptors by accelerating the rate of technological change.

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