Talent Firm iCIMS Debuts Automated Video Experiences

William Smith

The new additions are designed to make hiring experiences more seamless and boost candidate engagement

Talent Firm iCIMS Debuts Automated Video Experiences

Talent cloud company iCIMS has announced a host of new products targeted at a shifting recruitment landscape in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With its customers including more than 40% of the Fortune 100, iCIMS’ recruiting software platform, the Talent Cloud, includes functionality for automatically identifying top candidates and simplifying interview management with AI. 

Designed to make hiring experiences more seamless and boost candidate engagement, the new additions to its offering include a digital assistant which can respondent to candidate questions with contextual, employee-created video content using iCIMS’ Video Studio. That in turn boosts video engagement and allows talent teams to communicate with candidates seamlessly across text, chat and video applications. 

“We are experiencing the ‘Great Resignation’ and ‘Great Reshuffling’ where an overwhelming 95% of workers are considering quitting their job, according to a new survey,” said Chirag Mehta, chief product officer at iCIMS.    

Candidates are duly now able to select specialised skills and certifications upon joining talent communities, enabling them to access more relevant job openings and news. 

The updates also enabled new experiences for recruiters, including: 

  • AI talent matching in the iCIMS CRM, which enables recruiters to select an ideal candidate to automatically identify best matches based on skills and experience  
  • CRM integration with automated email campaigns, allowing them to be scheduled for peak engagement hours across time zones 
  • Reviewing video interview responses, feedback and candidate scores in iCIMS’ applicant tracking system, as well as new video interview templates 
  • Improved candidate visibility via a Dynamic Candidate Profile which is updated at every stage through to onboarding 

“With high volumes of people willingly leaving their jobs and relocating, employers must provide better experiences to attract and retain their talent,” said Chirag Mehta. “Our newest innovations deliver on our commitment to empower enterprises across the globe to humanize the talent experience and help recruiters and HR leaders overcome the unique labour market dynamic and today’s evolving workplace challenges.”



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