ActiveCampaign Enterprise Review: Unlimited Email Testing 

Rebekah Carter

Integrated, scalable marketing solutions 

ActiveCampaign Enterprise Review: Unlimited Email Testing 

Delivering an excellent customer experience in today’s competitive landscape is tough. Business leaders can’t just optimise the sales strategy. Rather, they need to think about how they’re delighting their customer across every stage of the purchasing journey. From marketing to sales, and customer service, every touchpoint needs to be perfect.  

Tools like ActiveCampaign Enterprise promise Enterprise companies the opportunity to create incredible experiences through an integrated and scalable platform. Access to features like priority support, exceptional strategy consultations, and extensive customisation options ensure big companies don’t have to miss out on delivering bespoke experiences.  

Let’s explore what companies can do with ActiveCampaign Enterprise. 

ActiveCampaign Enterprise Review: Features 

ActiveCampaign Enterprise is the marketing, sales, and automation solution offered by ActiveCampaign to the Enterprise market.  

Already well-known around the world as a leader in customer experience automation, ActiveCampaign changes the way companies interact with customers in a digital world. With tools like email marketing, marketing automation, service and support assistance, and CRM and sales automation, brands can make the most of every part of the brand/customer relationship.  

Unlike other automation software providers, ActiveCampaign also recognises the need for specialist strategies in different verticals. Companies can access specially-designed packages of services based on their sector, whether they’re selling in real estate, technology, education, or travel.  

ActiveCampaign Enterprise is the Enterprise-focused solution for CX automation. Features for the enterprise include: 

  • Customer experience orchestration with drag-and-drop journey mapping 
  • Extensive customer segmentation and tracking 
  • Personalisation with automated marketing and sales campaigns 
  • Email marketing (with automated campaigns) 
  • Customer relationship management software 
  • Account management connecting live chat, email, and text 
  • In-depth onboarding with a specialist consultant 
  • Personalised deliverability with proactive monitoring 
  • Unlimited email testing 
  • Custom design services from artistic experts 
  • Custom marketing strategy brainstorming and planning 
  • Automation design consultation 
  • Social data for individual contacts 
  • Unlimited users and custom permissions 
  • Unlimited apps and integrations 

Targeted at companies who can’t afford to compromise on amazing customer experience, the ActiveCampaign Enterprise solution allows teams to build highly customised strategies for CX. You can build incredible automated marketing strategies, sort through customer information with CRM data and segments, and get priority support to help you every step of the way.  

ActiveCampaign Enterprise Review: Benefits 

While ActiveCampaign’s services are impressive at any level, they become particularly appealing when you upgrade to the Enterprise package. Perhaps the most impressive part of ActiveCampaign Enterprise is the support you get to ensure your marketing, sales, and service strategies are access. Onboarding specialists and consultants guide you through setting up your new technology, while automation experts help you build your campaigns.  

If anything goes wrong, you get the highest level of priority support via email, chat, or phone call, so you can spend as little time pulling your hair out as possible. Some of the biggest benefits of ActiveCampaign Enterprise include: 

  • Incredible specialist support: Every company with an ActiveCampaign Enterprise subscription gets an onboarding specialist to guide them through the process of setting up their campaigns and achieving their business goals. Once you’re on board, you’ll have access to a team of subject matter experts and industry professionals to help you reach your goals. You can even work with the team on creating automation workflows and custom marketing strategies. Plus, there’s priority support available if you need extra help
  • Extensive customisation options: To make your campaigns and CX strategies as memorable as possible, ActiveCampaign allows you to customise anything you choose. You can change CSS details, adjust the look and feel of your campaigns, and work with specialist creators to design concepts from scratch. There’s also unlimited apps and integrations to access, with connections to tools like WordPress, PayPal, and even Facebook
  • Scalability: Scalability is important in any business environment, particularly when you’re running an enterprise company. The ActiveCampaign platform scales effortlessly with your business, and you can add unlimited users. There are plenty of opportunities for leaders to change access and capabilities for each user too
  • Extensive customer insights: Learning more about your target audience is much easier with ActiveCampaign’s help. The company will automatically gather social and demographic data on your contacts for you. This means you can conveniently segment, target and personalise every marketing strategy based on crucial details. To help you ensure you’re getting the most out of your campaigns, you also get unlimited email testing
  • Personalised deliverability: As mentioned above, ActiveCampaign really does go above and beyond to ensure Enterprise customers get results from their investment. Personalised deliverability services mean the ActiveCampaign team will proactively monitor deliverability on your behalf and make adjustments if they notice any issues

Who Needs ActiveCampaign Enterprise? 

ActiveCampaign Enterprise is designed for companies who want to take their CX strategy to the next level. If you’re a larger business still looking to give your customers a personalised experience, then ActiveCampaign can help. Extensive insights into your target audience, automation design consultation, and in-depth onboarding set you up for amazing results.  

ActiveCampaign Enterprise will be particularly beneficial for brands looking for a little extra hand-holding when they’re upgrading their strategy for customer experience. The priority support services and consultation options you get from the team are extremely valuable for boosting your return on investment.  

ActiveCampaign Enterprise Review: Verdict 

For enterprises looking to make the most out of their customer experience strategy, ActiveCampaign provides a flexible, and engaging solution. Designed to help you get the most out of your sales, marketing, and automation strategies, ActiveCampaign could be the key to building better relationships with your clients. Extensive support from the ActiveCampaign team means everything from learning how to use the software, to ensuring you’re getting the best results is easy.  

You can even access custom design services, so you don’t need to reach out to external professionals for assistance with marketing automation. Overall, ActiveCampaign Enterprise gives Enterprise brands the tools they need to really impress their target audience, without wasting crucial time and money.  



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