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Improving Contact Management with Content Guru

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Published: March 15, 2023

Rebekah Carter

Managing an ecommerce business can be a lot of work. With a potentially global audience to cater to, businesses need to ensure they’re capable of monitoring and managing huge volumes of requests, sent across a variety of channels. Without the right CX solutions in place, it’s easy for even the biggest companies to lose track of opportunities, and miss out on sales.  

Interflora, one of the world’s leading florist companies and ecommerce brands, found itself struggling with higher levels of customer traffic in recent years. While all businesses want to cultivate growth, increased contact numbers can often lead to issues with call management and productivity.  

The Interflora team found itself searching for a more convenient way to route and manage interactions from a variety of different environments, across their global offices. Here’s what happened when the company turned to Content Guru for help.  

Dealing with Increasing Contact Volumes 

Growth is something most ecommerce companies crave. Over time, successful marketing, sales, and branding strategies can lead to an influx in customer queries and calls. While this can mean great things for a company’s bottom line, it also means managing all of these conversations can be extremely complex. Fleurop Interflora, a leading ecommerce brand selling gifts, flowers, and other products to consumers worldwide, found itself struggling with some serious CX growing pains.  

As a global delivery network, the company believes good communications are crucial to getting orders delivered as punctually and accurately as possible. However, as demand for Interflora’s services continued to grow, the brand found itself unable to maintain transparent, efficient, and consistent CX workflows. Turning to Content Guru, Interflora decided to implement the company’s leading “storm” solution for CCaaS.  

The Storm solution allows Interflora to route all interactions through the correct lines. For VIP customers, a priority line was introduced, eliminating waiting times, improving efficiency, and ensuring a fantastic experience for repeat clients. The storm solution ensured Interflora could leverage a fully transparent insight into customer traffic and capacity, with real-time and historical reporting.  

Not only did the technology help to boost productivity and performance throughout the workplace, but it increased throughput enough to ensure that 75% of online orders made on the company’s ecommerce site can now be delivered within as little as 4-5 hours.  

Exploring New Levels of Efficiency

According to the ICT Manager of Fleurop Interflora, the storm ecosystem ensures the company can deliver better communications and services to both customers and florists alike. The technology has enhanced efficiency in the contact center, and unlocked new opportunities for the company to retain customers, and boost brand loyalty.  

The Florist Priority line immediate connects florists to agents with accurate order information, while smart routing ensures the team can send customer calls directly to the flroists responsible for handling their orders. At the same time, the employees at Interflora benefit from a streamlined and easy-to-use environment. Storm works across any agent workstation, allowing teams to work from home, and even supporting 24/7 service operations when required.  

Following the success of the storm implementation, Interflora now plans on adding more storm modules to its roadmap, to unify the rest of its communication strategy.  



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