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Amazon Connect Wisdom Review
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Published: September 8, 2021

Rebekah Carter

Excelling in today’s experience-focused landscape requires investment in the right tools. 

Companies need access to the right contact centre tools for enabling omnichannel communications, AI systems for analytics, and even bots for self-service support. Fortunately, companies like Amazon are on hand to help with a range of essential services.  

Amazon Connect Wisdom, part of the Amazon Connect ecosystem, is a tool offering machine learning solutions to reduce the time agents spend searching for information. Today, wikis, FAQs, and knowledge articles alike are often distributed across a wide variety of different environments. Unfortunately, this often means agents lose crucial time trying to find the right information. 

Using Connect Wisdom, companies can finally access the knowledge they need in an all-in-one environment, aligned with connectors for third-party tools like Salesforce. Let’s take a closer look at what Amazon Connect Wisdom can do.  

Amazon Connect Wisdom Review: Features 

Amazon Connect Wisdom unifies the various sources of information agents need access to when delivering excellent customer service. From FAQ stores and internal Wikis to tools connectors for external applications, Wisdom can help to align the flow of knowledge in the workplace. Wisdom also offers access to real-time speech analytics, to detect issues during calls and support agents with answers to questions and recommendations. 

Built to enhance customer satisfaction and agent performance, Amazon Connect Wisdom reduces the risk of silos in the modern contact centre, with a single insight into all of your needs. Features include: 

  • Unified knowledgebase across all ecosystems 
  • Easy search for information using keywords 
  • Real-time customer recommendations with Contact Lens 
  • Automatic detection of customer issues and sentiment 
  • Instant knowledge repository access 
  • Machine learning for improved performance over time 
  • Support for agent rating to help improve Wisdom recommendations 
  • Connectors for leading tools like ServiceNow and Salesforce 
  • Internal Wiki and FAQ storage 
  • File sharing support 
  • Access to AI solutions like agent assist 

Amazon Connect Wisdom, as a valuable part of the Amazon Connect environment, adds an extra layer of intelligence to the strategies companies use to support their customers and deliver fantastic customer service. The solution, which works alongside the omnichannel contact centre from Amazon, can collect and unify information from various environments at speed, with simple set-up solutions for companies who need help jumping into digital transformation. 

Amazon Connect Wisdom Review: Benefits 

Part of delivering the best possible customer experience in the modern world is having access to the right information. The more insights your agents have, the easier it is for them to offer relevant and engaging solutions to customer problems. Amazon Connect Wisdom overcomes the issues caused by silos in the current contact centre. Bringing information together from all environments, the technology ensures agents are always empowered to deliver unforgettable customer moments. 

Connect Wisdom works alongside the omnichannel environment already enabled by Amazon Connect, plucking details from interactions across multiple platforms, so the customer service experience remains consistent. Agents can effectively save a lot of time searching for information while improving the path to resolution for customers. Benefits include: 

  • Connectors for all sources of information: Part of Amazon’s omnichannel approach to the contact centre, Amazon Connect Wisdom quickly unifies information across a range of environments, including communication channels, internal Wikis, FAQ stores, and third-party applications like ServiceNow and Salesforce. The result is less time spent searching through different tools for the right information
  • Intelligent suggestions and support: Hybrid, remote, and in-office employees can all access the guidance they need in real-time, with AI analytics to detect sentiment and customer issues in real-time. The Wisdom technology immediately understands what customers need and uses that information to guide the agent with suggestions on how to respond to issues
  • Enhanced knowledge search: When customers need to track down information in a hurry, they can use a simple search system, which immediately examines an entire ecosystem of data to find the right answers to questions. The machine-learning-powered knowledge search becomes more efficient over time, particularly with feedback from agents
  • Support for the full Amazon Connect experience: The Amazon Connect Wisdom solution is just one part of a comprehensive omnichannel contact centre environment from Amazon. Paired with the other tools of Amazon Connect, Wisdom can enhance the omnichannel experience, support better workflows in the business, and improve the quality of things like administration and reporting tasks
  • Easy access: Wisdom from Amazon Connect is extremely easy to use, with an interface built for quick development and deployment in the contact centre. Agents can rate how effective knowledge articles are to boost the performance of the system over time, and managers can update and improve knowledge articles as the business continues to evolve

Who Needs Amazon Connect Wisdom? 

Amazon Connect Wisdom is an intelligent and insightful part of the Amazon Connect ecosystem. Built to help companies get more out of their contact centre, Wisdom aligns the knowledge you already have in your business. The technology ensures everything an agent needs to know about both the business and the customer is available in one, easy-to-access environment. 

The addition of AI and machine learning tools transforms Wisdom into a useful partner in customer conversations. Real-time comments and suggestions can help agents to get better results out of customer conversations, even when they don’t have supervisors available to offer assistance and guidance. The solution could be particularly useful for new agents training to improve their customer satisfaction scores.  

Amazon Connect Wisdom Review: Verdict 

A fantastic tool for companies evolving their contact centre environment, Amazon Connect empowers more informed, aligned, and contextual conversations between agents and clients. Designed to simplify the way knowledge flows throughout a business, Wisdom can help to break down some of the silos in your company that could be holding teams back.  

Amazon Connect Wisdom works perfectly alongside the rest of the Amazon Connect environment to empower your agents, and drive better experiences for customers.  



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