Calabrio Call Recording Review: Flexible PCI Compliance

Your guide to Calabrio call recording 

Calabrio Call Recording Review Flexible PCI Compliance
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Published: November 23, 2021

Rebekah Carter

Call recording has always been a valuable tool for companies investing in customer experience, compliance, and performance optimisation. However, now that your customers expect more personalised, streamlined, and efficient interactions, failure to have the right call recording tools in place could mean you end up losing your chance to make a sale.  

Fortunately, tools like Calabrio call recording simplify the art of collecting interaction information. You can capture every voice in seconds and automatically store the information you need in a secure environment for use at a later date.  

Calabrio’s call recording system is specifically designed for the demands of the new digital landscape, allowing companies to capture interactions regardless of where their agents are. With Calabrio, you can easily ensure you’re capturing 100% of interactions, even in a hybrid workplace. 

Calabrio Call Recording Review: Features 

Calabrio call recording technology provides companies with the tools they need to capture information from crucial customer interactions. By guaranteeing 100% capture, Calabrio can ensure you’re ready to take full advantage of the huge amounts of information streaming through your company at any given time. You can even search through hundreds of hours of calls in an instant, to settle disputes, show adherence, or overcome risks.  

Designed to record interactions both in the office and at home, Calabrio call recording allows business leaders to discover the benefits of collecting all the data they need, all the time, with minimal risk. You can even choose where you want to store your customer interaction data. Features of Calabrio call recording include: 

  • 100% capture of all calls 
  • Efficient search  
  • Secure storage with extensive management 
  • Monitoring and alert notifications 
  • Desktop, network, and gateway records 
  • Automated recording sorting and storage 
  • Flexible PCI compliance 
  • Exportation for call data 
  • Speech energy bar to show crosstalk and silence events 
  • Advanced query options and metadata tags 
  • CRM hyperlinks for easier integration 
  • End-to-end 256-bit encryption 
  • Limited access with administrator controls 
  • Data compression 
  • SOX, HIPAA, and other standards compliance 

Calabrio’s Call Recording technology gives companies the secure and reliable tools they need to capture all the interaction data they need. There’s even the option to automatically monitor call centre infrastructure and get instant alerts to reduce your risk of potential issues. This means you can address problems before you miss out on a call.  

Calabrio Call Recording Review: Benefits 

Easily one of the most flexible and feature-rich call recording solutions available today, Calabrio Call Recording ensures you can capture all of the information you need, without compromising on security or quality. You can choose from a range of recording options, manage multi-site and global contact centres, and choose the recording options you need for each site individually. There are even tools to help you automate aspects of your recording workflow. Some of the most significant benefits of Calabrio Call Recording include: 

  • Improve data management: With Calabrio call recording, companies can automatically turn huge amounts of data into carefully categorised information, improving agent coaching opportunities and customer experience at the same time. Metadata tagging capabilities and instant precise search queries make it easy to sift through hundreds and thousands of interactions at speed. You can even playback recordings to find what you need 
  • Security and compliance: Protecting your data is crucial in any business environment. With Calabrio call recording, you’ll have the power to securely store customer interaction data wherever you choose. You can compress and encrypt your files using industry-standard technology, restrict playback access, and simplify compliance with the globe’s leading compliance standards. Whether you need HIPAA compliance or PCI protection, Calabrio call recording has you covered
  • Cloud flexibility: The Calabrio call recording solution is available within the cloud for ultra-fast flexibility and agility. You can connect your call recording system to Calabrio ONE for cloud contact centre technology or link to CRM tools and cloud-based AI and machine learning technology. Whatever your business needs, Calabrio ensures your technology can evolve with you. You can even export calls when you need them in the form of popular media files, for easy access
  • Intelligent insights: Calabrio’s call recording solution allows you to read between the lines of what your customers are saying. There’s a speech energy bar to show the crosstalk and silence events happening in your environment, and speech analysis to give you more meaningful insights into what your customers really need. There’s also the option to set up monitoring and alert notifications in the event of errors preventing calls from being recorded

Calabrio’s call recording solution is made even more impressive by the opportunity to connect with a wide range of additional call capture and recording tools from the brand. You can build a comprehensive ecosystem of solutions for gathering the information you need to run a more successful company, all within the Calabrio portfolio.  

Who Needs Calabrio Call Recording? 

The Calabrio call recording service allows companies of any size to get a better insight into their business performance, call quality, and customer satisfaction levels. Because it’s built for the digital landscape, and designed to collect 100% of interactions, you can leverage the benefits of this tool even with a remote or hybrid workforce.  

If you’re looking for opportunities to make every customer interaction more effective, or you want to ensure you’re running your business at its most efficient level, this could be the tool for you. Calabrio is also excellent for demonstrating compliance.  

Calabrio Call Recording Review: Verdict 

Secure, efficient, and comprehensive, the Calabrio call recording technology provides companies with an end-to-end way of collecting information from customer conversations. Calabrio call recording can collect extensive amounts of data from customer interactions, helping you to stay ahead of technical issues, track the satisfaction levels of clients, and even make your teams more efficient.  

With Calabrio call recording working behind the scenes, you can finally make the most of the huge amounts of data collected by your business each day. Even better, you don’t have to worry about putting your security or compliance standing at risk.  



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