Cisco CX Cloud Review: Exploring Customer Experience 

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Cisco CX Cloud Review Exploring Customer Experience 
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Published: December 29, 2021

Rebekah Carter

Tracking, understanding, and optimising the customer experience is becoming an increasingly challenging process in today’s digital world. Consumer journeys are growing more complex, with multiple channels to consider, intelligent tools to access, and self-service opportunities. Yet no company can afford to fall behind. 

To stay ahead of the curve, business leaders need help. Fortunately, Cisco CX Cloud could have the answer. The one-stop destination for access to Cisco and partner expertise, insights, and best practices, Cisco CX Cloud has it all. This simple, unified experience gives companies the support they need to delight their customers.  

With everything from telemetry and insights to contextual learning and lifecycle adoption, the Cisco CX cloud takes CX optimisation to the next level. 

Cisco CX Cloud Review: Features 

The Cisco CX Cloud is a digital gateway designed to give companies all the help they need to ensure amazing customer experiences. The one-stop destination for learning and growth, Cisco CX cloud brings a variety of cisco experts and technology together in one place. According to Cisco’s team, this comprehensive environment will give teams a complete view of their Cisco installed assets, as well as help them to keep track of and leverage the latest tools.  

With Cisco CX Cloud, you can access use case expertise and lifecycle resources for deploying, managing, and optimising CX technology. There’s also extensive training available for reducing operational risk and improving security. Features include: 

Asset views: 

  • On-demand diagnostic insights and advice 
  • Contract and coverage details with support milestones 
  • On-premises and cloud infrastructure tracking 
  • Filter, search for and see a 360-degree view of hardware and software 
  • View your Cisco installed and connected assets 


  • Use machine learning to analyse your current network 
  • Get a list of security advisories, bugs, and field notices 
  • Select individual advisories to see issue details 
  • Get specific insights into priority bugs 


  • Use a guided adoption journey to deploy and optimise use case 
  • Access checklist and guided steps to make business progress 
  • Gauge deployment progress with telemetry 
  • Engage with Cisco and partner expert resources like Ask the Expert 
  • Use accelerators and 1-to-1 coaching with Cisco help 
  • Get full eLearning catalogue access 

Case management: 

  • Manage full support cases with Cisco Technical Assistance 
  • Track all open cases and team cases  
  • View case history and file details on each case 
  • Follow up by adding notes and attaching files 


  • Access proactive insights and automated capabilities to reduce risk 
  • Get software recommendations according to your network 
  • Schedule automated diagnostic reviews of key devices 
  • Track faults in systems across your infrastructure 
  • Identify regulatory compliance issues quickly 

Cisco CX Cloud Review: Benefits 

Cisco CX Cloud is a comprehensive solution designed to empower the modern business in search of an incredible customer experience offering. With this technology, companies can easily manage a huge selection of data insights coming from Cisco technologies. At the same time, access to machine learning and analytics ensure you have the insights you need to make the right business-building decisions.  

Cisco’s CX Cloud offering can help with everything from lifecycle adoption, to delivering meaningful, contextual learning to your team. You can track success across your enterprise and access all the technology and support you need to grow. Benefits include: 

  • Expert support: Support from both Cisco and its partners ensure you can make the most of your technology in today’s CX landscape. Use-case guided expertise and lifecycle resources ensure you can effectively manage and optimise your technology in the Cisco cloud while improving security and compliance. One-to-one coaching and “ask the expert” guidance is available for business users too
  • Extensive information: Access all of the information you need about your Cisco technology and assets in one convenient place. The comprehensive system ensures you can easily track the transformation of your company over time, and even reduce risks too. An “Insights” network provides proactive information on the biggest risks you’re facing in your company
  • Business process optimisation: With Cisco CX Cloud, you’ll be able to track the performance of all your assets in one environment, with automated diagnostic scans to help reduce compliance and performance issues. You can also arrange any issues into organised “case” files, so it’s easier to track which problems need to be managed at any given time. You can constantly improve your company’s performance
  • Improve adoption: The lifecycle management features in the Cisco CX cloud improve your chances of getting the full team on board with your latest technology. There’s also access to the extensive eLearning catalogue and remote practice labs, so your team members can put their skills to the test
  • Track your success: The CX Cloud offered by Cisco is also the digital platform for the company’s “Success Tracks” solution, which helps to guide you towards crucial outcomes for your business, one simple step at a time

Cisco CX Cloud Review: Verdict 

Staying ahead of the curve in today’s ever-changing CX environment can feel almost impossible. With so much technology to manage, and countless insights to keep track of, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. The Cisco Cloud CX environment helps to give companies the control they need to get back on top of their CX stack. 

With the CX Cloud, you can access all of your Cisco assets, alongside training, intelligent insights, and partner expertise. The unified digital platform gives you the lifecycle adoption features you need to speed your path to business value, with checklists and step-by-step support. You can also access all of Cisco’s state-of-the-art contextual learning to empower your website. 

Access to high-level insights and analytics for your business tech stack can also ensure you make better decisions for your company long-term. Cisco’s advanced telemetry helps with connecting customers, partners, and Cisco technology with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, for better insights.  

If you want to drive the best possible user experiences in today’s CX-driven landscape, it’s definitely worth taking advantage of the end-to-end functionality offered by Cisco’s CX Cloud.  



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