HubSpot Conversations Review: Personalised Chat 

HubSpot helps companies speak their customers’ language 

HubSpot Conversations Review Personalised Chat 
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Published: November 2, 2021

Rebekah Carter

Customers expect more from the companies they buy from today. To compete with other market-leading brands, you need to offer the perfect combination of fast, efficient, and personalised service experiences. Unfortunately, having meaningful conversations with a growing number of consumers can be difficult for any brand.  

HubSpot, one of the market leaders in marketing, service, and sales automation solutions may have the answer. HubSpot Conversations helps companies to connect with their target audience on a deeper level, through team email, live chat, and chatbot technology. This comprehensive kit of messaging tools drives more meaningful discussions with your audience at scale.  

Let’s see what you can do with the HubSpot Conversations solution. 

HubSpot Conversations Review: Features 

The HubSpot Conversations software offering responds to the growing demand in today’s CX environment for chat-based CX experiences. Around 41% of customers expect to see live chat on a brand’s website, and many will choose chat over calling a customer service team if they want quick solutions to their problems.  

As your consumer base becomes increasingly comfortable with the idea of communicating via text, HubSpot Conversations ensures you have what it takes to speak their language. You can combine team email with live chat and a comprehensive chatbot builder to kick off conversations in a variety of new ways. The HubSpot Conversations solution is available for free, so you can access a universal inbox, and new text-based communication tools without spending a fortune. Features include: 

  • Live chat 
  • Routing for customer inquiries 
  • Customisable chat widget 
  • HubSpot mobile app access 
  • Centralised inbox for all chat conversations 
  • Access to support tickets 
  • Follow-up task scheduling 
  • Email access from within your inbox 
  • Team collaboration for shared insights into the customer journey 
  • Contact information to add context to discussions 
  • Filtering to sort through conversations 
  • Simple chatbot builder 
  • Canned bot templates 
  • Records of conversations 
  • Integration with the other HubSpot tools 

The HubSpot Conversations solution is available either as a free standalone solution for enhancing customer experience or as part of the comprehensive series of “Hub” tools from the brand. You can access additional solutions like Sales Hub, Service Hub, or Marketing Hub to unlock things like automated sales workflows and promotional opportunities. 

HubSpot Conversations Review: Benefits 

HubSpot Conversations aims to simplify the way companies interact with their target audience online. With a streamlined central inbox, you can start a conversation with a client over live chat, follow up with an email, and discuss the rest of your sale over a call if you like. The central inbox makes it easy to keep an eye on a customer’s journey during each conversation. You can also carefully route the right customer to the correct agent based on their unique needs.  

With the option to manage chat yourself or implement chatbots when you need to scale your service strategy, the HubSpot Conversations solution is ideal for growing companies. You’ll even be able to integrate your service with more tools for sales, marketing or service as your business starts to grow. Here are some of the biggest benefits of HubSpot Conversations: 

  • Customisable live chat: For the increasing number of customers expecting live chat experiences from their favourite brands, HubSpot Conversations makes messaging easy. You can create your own custom chat widget to match your brand, create welcome messages for specific web pages, and even for different audience segments too. Intelligent routing makes it simple to send customer inquiries to the right member of the team
  • Central inbox: The all-in-one inbox for email, messaging, and customer information should make it easier for business users to keep track of the context of a conversation. If you need to follow up after an initial discussion, you can schedule a reminder, or send a task to the employee who needs to follow up next. HubSpot’s inbox environment also comes with features for sending emails, creating support tickets, and taking notes
  • Easy collaboration: Users can hook their shared email aliases into the shared Conversations inbox to update team transparency. This makes it easier to have a full view of the interactions companies have with their customers. You can also set up routing rules to ensure each incoming message is answered or dealt with as quickly as possible. There’s even a handy context bar on the side of the inbox for relevant insights
  • Scale with chatbots: If you’re struggling to manage all of the conversations your business has each day with human employees, chatbots can help. Canned bot templates, a visual editor, and customisable conversations help brands to build the right bots for their needs. You can also integrate your bot with your free HubSpot CRM, so you can collect information about known customers and make messages more personal in real-time
  • Drive better customer experiences: The comprehensive HubSpot Conversations solution is custom-made for one distinct purpose: to improve customer experiences. Whether you’re using free email templates or building your own chatbot, you’ll be able to interact with your audience with a full view of their customer journey, allowing for more meaningful and memorable discussions

HubSpot Conversations can be even more effective when paired with tools like the HubSpot Service Hub. The Service Hub provides a comprehensive selection of tools for connecting with your audience and turning them into repeat customers.  

HubSpot Conversations Review: Review 

If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your customer experience strategy with the power of messaging, it doesn’t get much better than HubSpot Conversations. This simple but effective tool helps companies of all sizes to leverage chat technology for meaningful discussions with their target customers. You can route conversations and service tickets to the right team member to increase resolution speed, and even track useful contextual information during each conversation. 

The ability to keep all customer conversations aligned in one inbox also means it’s easier to make assumptions about the ever-changing customer journey, and how your customers feel about you.  




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