Talkdesk Guardian Review: Mitigating Risk

Reduce hybrid contact centre risk

Talkdesk Guardian Review Mitigating Risk
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Published: October 28, 2021

Rebekah Carter

Is Talkdesk Guardian the key to a safer contact centre?  

The modern contact centre is at the heart of many brand/customer relationships. Without the right technology, it’s impossible to give your audience the meaningful, efficient, and optimised experiences they’re looking for when making a purchase or asking for help.  

Contact centre technology can differentiate your business and generate brand loyalty, but they’re also home to a variety of risks and challenges in need of careful consideration. Now more than ever, as contact centres grow more distributed, remote, cloud-based, and hybrid, companies need to reconsider their approach to privacy, security, and compliance.  

A successful contact centre needs to be flexible and scalable, without compromising on safety. This is where tools like Talkdesk Guardian make a difference. Offering a way to take control of the evolving remote and hybrid contact centre, Guardian can protect businesses from a range of threats. Let’s explore what this platform can do.  

Talkdesk Guardian review: Features 

Talkdesk Guardian is a native cloud compliance application designed to help contact centres reduce the risk of a transformative contact centre. Built with Talkdesk Artificial Intelligence, Guardian can learn from historical patterns of behaviour to create a baseline, flag unexpected activities, and recommend strategies to ensure safety.  

With Talkdesk Guardian, companies investing in the new age of customer experience with omni-channel communication platforms, and remote teams can reduce their exposure to countless threats. Guardian can assist with everything from tracking changes in system performance, to reducing the risk of identify theft, fraud, and insider threats. Features include: 

  • Voice biometrics: Identify callers based on unique vocal characteristics
  • Live sessions log: Examine unusual behaviour and potential vulnerabilities in real-time
  • Agent profiles: build detailed agent profiles to help agents make safer decisions and work more productivity
  • Reporting: Access automatic reports delivered straight to your inbox
  • Seamless Integrations: Connect with IVR systems and Talkdesk Studio to redirect calls if remote agents have equipment or connectivity problems
  • Risk scoring: Examine callers by their risk level and define potential threats to your call centre

The Guardian ecosystem can help business leaders to oversee the performance of remote agents from a distance, track who logs into contact centre tools and reduce the risk of insider threats. Guardian also helps with ensuring agents follow crucial policies and procedures and supports teams in improving identification with biometric data.  

Talkdesk Guardian review: Benefits 

Talkdesk Guardian is one of the many disruptive tools built by Talkdesk with artificial intelligence, to enhance the way contact centres work. Guardian allows business leaders to take control of their remote and hybrid workforce, to gain a birds-eye view of who is logged in, the quality of their connection, and even agent activities.  

Talkdesk Guardian works alongside tools like Talkdesk Studio to help improve the performance of your contact centre, rerouting calls when an agent doesn’t have the best connection. The solution can also provide insights into agent performance and efficiency, so business leaders can make better decisions about how to guide teams. Major benefits of Talkdesk Guardian include: 

  • Visibility into contact centre performance: Guardian offers excellent visibility into crucial information about contact centre performance. Teams can uncover operational inefficiencies by examining the work of individual employees, and even pinpoint compliance issues with remote teams. Supervisors can oversee their hybrid workforce with confidence and track any changes to call or connection quality
  • Verify compliance easily: The “Guardrails” section of Talkdesk Guardian allows business leaders to easily verify compliance and monitor inconsistent behaviour. For companies with high regulatory standards to consider, the Guardian system makes it easy to see if everyone is playing their part. You can also set up automated responses when compliance issues are identified, like immediately alerting supervisors
  • Respond to problems quickly: Talkdesk Guardian ensures companies can respond to potential issues quickly and effectively, automating responses and dynamically routing calls to agents with the strongest network connections when necessary. This reduces the risk of potentially missing out on crucial calls
  • Improve customer experience: The Identity features of the Guardian platform includes voice biometrics, so companies can easily verify the identity of callers and speed authentication for reduced handling time. The same solution also delivers more peace of mind to customers, by increasing security, and enhancing data protection
  • Make better business decisions: Risk scoring tools, live session logs and automated reports delivered to decision-makers will help to drive more intelligent decision making across the business. The Talkdesk Guardian environment can help you to determine which callers are a risk, which agents need more guidance for compliance, and even what you can do to reduce your chances of breaches at a later date

Who Needs Talkdesk Guardian? 

Tools like Talkdesk Guardian are becoming increasingly essential in the modern contact centre. As agents become more distributed, and data continues to stream back and forth between companies and consumers across a range of channels, the right compliance and security systems are crucial. The Talkdesk Guardian environment provides today’s business leaders with the tools they need to track down potential security risks and deal with them at speed.  

If you’re already invested in the Talkdesk ecosystem, you can also align multiple tools to take your customer service to the next level. Talkdesk Guardian works with Talkdesk Studio to automatically detect problems with connectivity quality and reroute calls whenever necessary.  

Talkdesk Guardian Review: Verdict 

Talkdesk Guardian is a valuable tool for companies in search of better security and compliance within a changing contact centre. If you’re trying to ensure your teams remain compliant and data stays protected as you move into a hybrid environment, Talkdesk Guardian can help. Not only does the technology provide a better overview of your employees wherever they are, but it can also improve the quality of service you give to your customers.  

Automatic re-routing of calls and access to advanced security features to protect against fraud improve your reputation with clients. Plus, you get to ensure you’re compliant with the latest industry guidelines too.  



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