Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant Review: Agent Training Support 

Putting AI to work with Verint 

Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant Review: Agent Training Support 
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Published: November 24, 2021

Rebekah Carter

These days, running an ultra-efficient CX strategy requires a lot more than just the best team members. You also need the right tools to enable amazing communication, a strong strategy for success, and sometimes even a little artificial intelligence too. That’s where Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant comes in to supercharge your staff.  

AI and machine learning solutions have emerged as some of the most valuable tools for the modern workforce. Not only do they help with analysing huge amounts of data and providing valuable insights into your business, but they can boost team efficiency too. Tools like the Intelligent Virtual Assist from Verint supplement your existing workforce with AI power. 

The Verint “IVA” (Intelligent Virtual Assistant), is a market-leading tool for enhancing your workforce. Here’s what you need to know about this smart new tool.  

Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant Review: Features 

Verint’s intelligent virtual assistant is a conversational AI solution designed to expand at the same rate as an evolving business. The IVA solution enhances employee performance while ensuring you can deliver the kind of meaningful experiences your employees are looking for.  

The Verint IVA solution is an all-in-one platform intended to address various use cases at once. You can operationalise AI within your virtual assistant environment to replace the IVR technology your contact centre uses, or simply help your employees find information faster. There’s even a “professional package” available from Verint which allows for rapid deployment of IVA technology in a matter of days. Features of the Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant include: 

  • High-performance, user-friendly platform 
  • Access to low-code pro package available 
  • Customer service and engagement in 40+ languages 
  • Live agent transfer settings 
  • Customer data collection in real-time 
  • Automation for high-volume interactions 
  • Guided resolution for employees 
  • Task execution for repetitive jobs 
  • Agent training support 
  • Market-leading AI blueprints 

Verint’s open and modular approach to AI solutions ensures companies of all sizes can begin experimenting with intelligent technology. You can deploy an Intelligent Virtual Assistant on a single channel to automate some of your more high-volume interactions, then expand your intelligence as you go. There’s also the option to use a range of analytics and human-validated AI training data as your AI investment expands. 

Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant Review: Benefits 

As offering an incredible customer experience becomes increasingly complicated, companies are beginning to invest more into the AI environment. Verint ensures even companies with minimal coding and technical knowledge can still take full advantage of artificial intelligence.  

Flexible and adaptable, the Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant provides companies with the support they need to build highly customised tools for intelligent customer experience. What’s more, the unique design of the IVA from Verint means it’s not just your customers reaping the benefits – but your employees too. Benefits include: 

  • Exceptional support: Verint makes it wonderfully simple for companies of all backgrounds to begin implementing AI technology. There’s a market-leading AI blueprint available from Verint to help companies find the right automation opportunities to experiment with. You can also access a comprehensive webinar series to guide you. Whatever your needs, Verint can help you start to embrace the IVA landscape
  • Professional packages: The low-code IVA Pro package which comes with Verint IVA is excellent for enabling rapid deployment through a simple drag-and-drop interface. The solution allows companies to get their self-service operations up and running quickly, so they can build, test, and deploy user-friendly IVAs in no time
  • Enhanced customer service: In a world where amazing customer service is crucial, Verint IVA ensures you can provide immediate answers to customer problems. The Verint IVA can answer questions on a 24/7 basis in more than 40 languages, and proactively help customers with guided problem resolution. You can set up your system to capture customer insights, optimise service channels, and transfer to live agents when necessary
  • Workforce support: Whether you’re supporting an in-office or hybrid workforce, Verint IVA can help. The solution provides quick and easy access to information and tools your employees need to stay productive. You can also automate a range of high-volume interactions, so your staff have more time to focus on high-priority tasks. The Verint IVA can execute tasks on behalf of your team and provide guided resolution support
  • Improve innovation: Staying ahead of the rapidly evolving expectations in customer experience can be tough. Fortunately, with the automation and intelligence available from Verint IVA, you can evolve at a more rapid pace. Reduce agent training time with intelligent insights, and work on automation strategies to improve service efficiency. The IVA solution from Verint comes with access to a webinar series to help you get started

Who Needs Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant? 

As customers continue to expect more from the companies they interact with, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to run an amazing CX strategy with human agents alone. Though empathy and creativity from human professionals are still necessary, it’s also impossible to enhance the performance of your team with the right intelligent solutions.  

Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant provides an accessible and flexible way to get started with intelligent assistants in the modern marketplace. The low-code and easy-to-adapt environment are perfect for companies keen to leverage the benefits of AI.  

Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant Review: Verdict 

It’s hard to imagine any company that wouldn’t benefit from a little more intelligence in the CX environment today. A tool like Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant not only helps you to better understand your target audience, it can also be a powerful tool to unlocking better engagement among your team members too.  

The Virtual Assistant solution from Verint can enhance your team’s performance, improve efficiencies, and give your customers the satisfying experiences you’re looking for. With easy-to-access guidelines and plenty of support for beginners, anyone can start experimenting with AI thanks to Verint. 



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