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What is Verint Predictive Experience? 

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Published: November 4, 2021

Rebekah Carter

The more information you have about your audience, the better your customer experience strategy becomes. This is why analytics and reporting are often at the heart of every leading contact centre environment. Verint, one of the market leaders in enabling customer insights, has a range of tools to offer today’s businesses if they want to better understand their target market. 

Verint’s experience management tools offer everything from real-time overviews of customer interactions to AI-enhanced analytics to help you understand consumer trends. The Predictive Experience offering is Verint’s attempt to give business leaders the boost they need to get one step ahead of their target audience.  

Verint Predictive Experience allows companies of all sizes to leverage the data they collect from customer conversations and use it to make informed decisions about future investments. Here’s what you need to know about Verint Predictive Experience. 

Verint Predictive Experience Review: Features 

Predictive Experience from Verint aims to make the most of the huge amounts of experiential data available in the contact centre and customer experience environment. Every day, countless companies are collecting huge volumes of information through interactions on the phone, through video conferencing, and even via messaging tools.  

Unfortunately, a lot of the information we collect is underutilised, because we don’t have the ability to manually sort through that data and find the correct insights. With Predictive Experience from Verint, companies can easily use the data they have in their communication ecosystem to pinpoint trends and determine where they should be prioritising their resources. With Verint Predictive Experience, companies can: 

  • Collect and analyse structured and unstructured data 
  • Connect insights from multiple communication channels 
  • Benchmark experience management metrics against the competition 
  • Understand changes in the customer experience across every touchpoint 
  • Automatically identify priorities in customer experience 
  • Delegate issues and assign tasks to specific team members 
  • Gain a 360-degree view of customer and employee experiences 
  • Access real-time alerts and insights 
  • Custom reports and analytics 
  • Intelligent surveys for CSAT and NPS scores 
  • Intelligent data management and capturing 

Verint Predictive experience, previously known as Verint ForeSee, provides business leaders with benchmarks, so they can determine whether their interactions with customers are up to standards. You can analyse the performance of your company compared to competing brands, and segment insights based on where customers and agents interact. 

Verint Predictive Experience: Benefits 

Verint Predictive Experience is one of the many tools available from Verint to help companies understand and embrace the voice of the customers. Currently powering companies around the globe as they search for ways to improve interactions, Predictive Experience enables winning customer engagement and satisfaction.  

With Predictive Engagement, Verint customers have access to artificial intelligence algorithms and a patented data science model for predictive experience management, or XM. The XM benchmarks and insights offered by Verint come from over 20 years of development and industry expertise. Some of the biggest benefits of Verint Predictive Experience include: 

  • Reliable benchmarks: The benchmarks provided by the Verint Predictive Experience ecosystem allow companies to tap into insights gathered through more than 20 years of intelligent development. The proven predictive data science model from Verint makes it easier for companies to benchmark their performance against best-in-class peers across more than 800 categories, for better-targeted goal-setting
  • Full insights into the experience: The cause-and-effect Verint framework can help companies to connect the drivers of employee and customer satisfaction and individual touchpoints in the standard customer journey with measurable metrics. You can track things like how likely your customers are to return and make another purchase or recommend a friend
  • Priority index: Predictive Experience from Verint captures and measures feedback from every touchpoint and interaction, then consolidates it in one place. The easy-to-use set of tools enables authorised users across an organization to check performance and run reports to share with colleagues. There’s also a priority index to calculate experience scores for all touchpoints, which are ranked by highest impact and the lowest score
  • Intuitive visualisation: The information you need to make meaningful decisions with Verint Predictive Experience is offered in an easy-to-view and understand the environment. Companies can easily detect sudden changes in CX performance and figure out where those changes began. Even with users on the move, there’s access to mobile apps, so everyone can keep track of the most important metrics in customer experience
  • Customisable environment: The Verint Predictive Experience solution can adapt to suit the needs of your business. You’ll be able to adjust the functionality of your experience environment through the Verint Experience Cloud. This makes it easier for business leaders to ensure users and team members are tracking the right metrics when examining their impact on customer experience

Verint’s Predictive Experience environment essentially allows companies to avoid the headaches of linking business outcomes to incomplete data or uncertain correlations. The innovative suite of insights offers a more 360-degree view of employee and customer experiences by measuring information across a variety of touchpoints.  

Verint Predictive Experience: Verdict 

Verint Predictive Experience gives users comprehensive insight into all of the experiences responsible for business success – including employee and customer interactions. When you can measure the outcomes of interactions from every environment in one place, it’s much easier to predict what your clients are going to need next, and how you can deliver according to their expectations. 

Verint provides business leaders with the insights they need to make more informed decisions, capable of impacting loyalty, retention, and revenue. To help you collect more of the information you need, Verint even offers game-changing engagement surveys to collect valuable NPS and CSAT insights with three questions or less. This ensures you’re more likely to get the information you want from your target audience, without being obtrusive.  

Overall, if you want to be able to understand your customer interactions, and predict future needs, Verint Predictive Experience is a great investment.  



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