Verint Unified Voice (VoC) Review: Omni-Channel Insights

Rebekah Carter

Verint’s unified voice of the customer solution 

Verint Unified Voice (VoC) Review: Omni-Channel Insights

Listening to your customer is a crucial part of delivering an excellent experience. The more companies listen, the more they’re able to understand their customer’s pain points, expectations, and needs. Strategies for analysing the “voice of the customer” provide businesses with a way to evaluate the insights they can leverage from interactions with clients. 

Verint’s Unified Voice of the Customer solution addresses the realities of “listening” to your audience in an omni-channel world. These days, clients have a voice in more than just the conventional sense. Being able to understand your audience means knowing how to listen to them on every channel, through every stage of the customer journey. 

Let’s take a closer look at what Verint’s Unified Voice of the Customer technology can do. 

Verint Unified VoC Review: Features 

The Unified Voice of the Customer software from Verint responds to the changing customer experience in an environment of omni-channel interactions. The customer journey is growing increasingly complex, with clients now reaching out to customers across multiple channels, from video to SMS and chat. The best Voice-of-the-Customer strategies, therefore, needs to analyse all platforms and interactions capable of influencing the customer experience. 

Verint Unified VoC is a comprehensive and connected platform that allows companies to listen to their customers, analyse crucial insights, and act quickly. You can capture indirect and inferred speech feedback, factor performance-based data into evaluations and gain cross channel insights. Features of the Verint Unified VOC offering include: 

  • Omni-channel insights: Collect information via SMS, Chat, Audio, and social media. Verint VOC even allows for the incorporation of direct text feedback from sources like online surveys and IVR, as well as the use of performance-based operational data
  • Best-in-class interaction analytics: Intelligent text and speech analytics to help develop a deeper understanding of your target audience
  • Alerting and case management: Comprehensive closed-loop solutions for accountability, and insights into customer requirements in real-time
  • Identification of CX blind spots: Big picture insights into trends allow for the identification of potential bottlenecks and blind spots
  • Create impressive reports: Create reports and graphs showcasing the important insights gleaned from your customer experience analysis

Verint’s Voice of the Customer solution takes interaction analytics to the next level, with sensational speech and text insights. You can capture all kinds of indirect and inferred speech feedback, incorporate direct text feedback insights, and factor in CX metrics like first-call resolution, to get a clearer view of the factors affecting customer satisfaction. Once you’ve collected the information you need, Verint makes it easy to share the right insights business-wide to enable successful growth. 

Verint Unified VoC Review: Benefits 

Voice of the Customer solutions like Verint’s Unified VOC enables business leaders and staff to succeed in a new era of customer experience. With these tools, companies can deliver the amazing experiences their customers are looking for, with data-backed decision making. You can add contact centre interactions to your VoC analytics with Verint at scale, and even automate the search for trends and patterns, with instant and alerts and notifications to set up.  

Verint Unified Voice of the Customer consolidates various analytics tools for examining the voice of the customer across multiple channels into a single platform. This end-to-end view of your customer and CX practices makes it easier to ensure successful decision-making. Benefits of the Verint Unified VoC solution include: 

  • End-to-end insights: Verint Unified VOC consolidates multiple voices of the customer solutions into an omni-channel environment, for a single cross-channel view of your customer and their journey. The end-to-end visibility reduces the risk of silos and cross-departmental errors when you’re trying to track the movements of your customer in an evolving business landscape. With holistic cross-channel insights you can make the right decisions for your customer’s satisfaction, and your business future
  • Comprehensive analytics: Verint’s VOC solution comes with state-of-the-art interaction analytics for your contact centre, digital, mobile, and live chat interactions. You can dive deep into the meaning behind inferred speech and implement additional factors like performance metrics to spot potential patterns. Correlating direct, inferred, and indirect VoC and customer data creates stronger, more accurate insights
  • Automate improved CX: Automating your strategy for CX optimisation is easier with the help of Verint Unified VOC. The comprehensive solution allows for the creation of automated email triggers and alerts for when teams need to act fast. These alerts help to ensure valuable insights from your VoC analytics lead to crucial changes
  • Improved customer experiences: Verint’s unified VoC optimises your omni-channel interactions with customers to improve loyalty and retention. You can determine the causes of customer attrition, and even see where conversion barriers might be stopping new clients from signing up. With Verint’s help, you can retain more of your existing customers and improve your chances of attracting new ones

With Verint VoC, companies can conveniently drill down from big-picture CX metrics, to find specific trends and individual interactions they need to consider when enabling fantastic customer experiences. The huge range of analytics options and granular control means businesses can better understand, diagnose, and articulate issues.  

Who Needs Verint Unified VoC? 

Listening to the voice of the customer isn’t optional anymore. When amazing customer experiences are mandatory, all companies need a way to learn more about their target audience and their purchasing journeys. Verint’s Unified VoC solution helps to align insights from multiple places throughout the business, to ensure companies can understand their customers. 

With Verint VoC, companies of all sizes can achieve results, optimizing CX across channels, improving new customer acquisition, and reducing the risk of client attrition. 

Verint Unified VoC Review: Verdict 

Verint Unified VoC is a reliable and easy-to-use solution for tracking the voice of the customer, wherever you might be able to find useful insights. The software aligns teams around a shared view of the customer and provides excellent insights, ready to drive future decision-making. For any company keen to better understand their target audience, Verint Unified VoC could soon be a must-have investment.  



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