Medallia Experience Cloud Review: SaaS Insights

Introducing Medallia Cloud for customer insights 

Medallia Experience Cloud Review SaaS Insights

Published: August 19, 2021

Rebekah Carter

Now more than ever, companies everywhere are listening more closely to the voice of the customer. We’ve known for some time how important customer experience is to success. However, in recent years, particularly following the pandemic, the expectations of clients have evolved. Now, your customers expect you to understand their needs, empathise with them, and deliver relevant experiences based on your knowledge.  

Keeping track of your customers and their expectations can be complex, even with the right CCaaS solution for omnichannel customer service. Fortunately, the Medallia experience Cloud could offer a helpful opportunity. This software-as-a-service platform combines machine learning and human insights to reveal the most important data about your customers.  

More importantly, with the Medallia platform, you don’t just get a better view of your customer. The platform also gives users actionable tips on how to strengthen and improve each interaction. Let’s take a closer look at what the platform can do. 

Medallia Experience Cloud Review: Features 

The Medallia Experience cloud is a specialised solution designed for capturing customer experience feedback and trends. The more information you collect, the easier it is to craft customised journeys for your audience, based on what you know about their preferences. The software solution offers a range of tools to help with measuring sentiment and opinion from unstructured data.  

Using machine learning, and data collected from various environments, Medallia Experience Cloud can detect patterns in experience, so your team can make better CX decisions. The technology combines information from chat logs, emails, and more. Plus, you can collaborate with your team on the data you collect with various recordings systems, like CRM and ERP software. Features include: 

  • AI-powered pattern detection 
  • Predictive analytics and customer trend anticipation 
  • Text analytics with sentiment insights 
  • Suggested actions based on deep learning 
  • Risk scoring for customer satisfaction 
  • Organisational hierarchy modelling and management 
  • Flexible data permissions 
  • Real-time synchronization with existing tools (CRM, ERP, etc) 
  • Integrations with pre-built tools 
  • API connections 
  • Data management in the cloud 
  • High-level data access controls 
  • Data security controls 
  • Regulatory compliance 
  • Customer feedback collection 
  • Product concept building and testing 
  • Employee productivity and satisfaction insights 

The full Experience Cloud from Medallia combines all elements of experience to give you a complete view of your business performance. You don’t just get a closer look at customer experiences (both for B2B and B2C clients), you can also examine things like product experience, and employee experience too. Currently, the Medallia experience cloud manages more than 8 trillion calculations per day, with more than 4.5 billion experiences processed every year.  

Medallia Experience Cloud Review: Benefits 

Medallia Experience Cloud is an all-in-one environment built for detecting patterns in customer, and employee behaviour on a massive scale. You get all the tools you need to better understand your B2B and B2C customers and transform clients into brand advocates. At the same time, insights into Product Experience and Employee experience mean you can develop your business on another level. You’ll have access to tools for optimising product creation and employee engagement. Some of the biggest benefits of Medallia Experience cloud include: 

  • Incredible intelligence: The Medallia experience cloud benefits from access to the pioneering Medallia Athena AI technology. This system detects patterns in all kinds of experience environments, from employee experience to customer satisfaction. AI innovations mean you can better anticipate needs and detect patterns in data. You’ll even be able to unlock suggestions on how to improve experience and performance based on deep learning and machine learning algorithms
  • Comprehensive business monitoring: Medallia’s experience platform covers all aspects of experience – not just customer satisfaction. Within this cloud-based software, you can track the performance of your teams, detect engagement, and model entire hierarchies which make it easier to understand how your business works. A comprehensive but clean dashboard will allow you to manage your organizational structure, assign permissions, and track employee feedback, all in one location
  • Exceptional flexibility: The Medallia platform is wonderfully flexible, with a range of pre-built integrations you can use to connect to your ERP, CRM, and HCM software. You’ll also be able to use the open APIs to access new connections with the help of a developer too. The flexibility of Medallia also extends to how you manage your data. You can automatically validate and cleanse the data sent to your cloud environment, to reduce the pressure and strain on your IT teams
  • Excellent security: Managing data in any business comes with its challenges. Namely, you need to ensure you’re keeping the information you collect safe. Medallia takes security seriously, with protections integrated at every business layer, with enterprise-grade controls to govern data access across the platform. You can authenticate and control what kind of information each employee can access and access tools like encryption and field-level data masking. Medallia also supports a range of regional and industry-level protection regulations too 
  • Improve product development: The product experience section of the Medallia platform is excellent for companies looking to innovate and optimise at speed. You can understand usage information with visual reports, collect in-product feedback and put new concepts to the test. Combine these insights with your data from the customer and business experience landscape, and it’s easy to see how Medallia can help brands make important investment and improvement decisions

Medallia Experience Cloud Review: Verdict 

Already trusted by leading brands like Airbnb and Mercedes, Medallia has attracted the attention of countless companies searching for ways to build better experiences. With this comprehensive cloud-based platform, brands can finally get a more in-depth look at the experiences that make the biggest differences to their business outcomes. 

You can capture information from every stage of your business operations to understand your customers, employees, and products on a deeper level. With AI enhancements, anticipating needs and predicting potential outcomes is easy. You’ll even get handy suggestions on the changes you need to make for major growth. Medallia Experience Cloud can give businesses the edge they need to get ahead of the competition in the experience economy.  



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