A Record-Breaking Year for Tollring

The focus for businesses has now moved to improving productivity, staff wellbeing and customer engagement

A Record-Breaking Year for Tollring
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Published: June 24, 2021

Sandra Radlovački

Sandra Radlovački

Tollring announced that it has achieved excellent results over the past year thanks to its partners that have conquered many of the year’s challenges and helped deliver continued success.

Tollring expanded its services globally by 54 percent over the past year. The company has delivered its software and analytics through a network of 900 partners in more than 20 countries. Across all its products and services, Tollring monitors 8 million endpoints, which represent a 96 percent growth. More than 31,000 businesses now use Tollring’s software with a 33 percent increase in its cloud tenants compared to the previous year. A significant increase happened in the use of Tollring’s iCall Suite call reporting services, with over 480,000 licenses, which represent a growth of 40 percent. Tollring recorded more than 24 million minutes of calls per months, an increase of 89 percent.

Tollring Protect, the company’s fraud and scam protection software, achieved an outstanding growth of 107 percent and saving an estimated 34 pounds million in fraud related damages for partners over the year.

Tony Martino, CEO of Tollring, said:

“Credit goes to our channel partners who did an immense job in managing the changes we all faced last year. The shift to the cloud drove a requirement for SaaS, and for powerful monitoring and measurement allowing businesses to better understand their users’ in-life experiences and the customer journey.”

“As a software supplier working with a global service provider network, this year has been ground-breaking as we have invested significantly in our product strategy bringing exciting innovations across our entire portfolio ensuring we continue to meet the demands of our partners and customers alike. We have also continued the investment drive in our people and processes to build the necessary foundations for our global sales initiatives.

“In addition to a strong go-to-market wraparound, our solutions offer seamless provisioning and self-service with high levels of automation built-in, with dashboards of information that really empower the channel to proactively manage their customers and deliver the highest quality of service.

“The focus for businesses has now moved to improving productivity, staff wellbeing and customer engagement. There has never been a more urgent need for businesses to retain their customers, so the quality of their services is critical. The key it to leverage multiple sources of data, from collaboration tools as well as voice, and bringing it all together to deliver actionable insights so businesses can truly understand their customer experience.


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