Best Speech Analytics Software for Contact Centres

Anwesha Roy

Here are the top speech analytics solutions to consider

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Best Speech Analytics Software for Contact Centres

Speech analytics has tremendous potential to transform contact centre operations and drive efficiency. According to research, 49% of companies were able to improve customer satisfaction using this technology, while 37% applied speech analytics for root cause analysis and trends monitoring. 4 in 10 organisations even saw productivity gains as agents were able to anticipate the purpose of the call. Just 2% said they witnessed no clear benefits after implementation. If you are eager to be among the 98% achieving tangible benefits from speech analytics in the contact centre, here are the top software solutions to consider.  

  1. Calabrio Analytics

Calabrio offers analytics solutions for contact centres, workforce engagement, customer experience, and overall enterprise performance management. The company’s Calabrio Analytics product leverages AI and ML to uncover customer intelligence insights from your contact centre data. This includes speech analytics, as well as desktop and text analytics.  

  1. CallMiner Eureka

Eureka is voice intelligence provider, CallMiner’s flagship platform, applying voice and speech analytics to find trends, patterns, and correlations in telephonic conversations. Eureka can connect with your omnichannel presence as well, extracting data from live/recorded audio, chat, email, text, and other interactions. This data can be visualised or converted into insights for contact centre coaching.  

  1. Clarabridge Analytics

Clarabridge has two key products – Engage and Analytics – and the former uses speech analytics, NLP, sentiment analysis, and other AI technologies to uncover customer insights from contact centre interactions. It automatically assigns customer effort scores and rates every conversation on an 11-point sentiment scale, along with detecting 21 different kinds of intents.  

  1. ​NICE Uptivity Speech Analytics

Uptivity is a powerful speech analytics software platform by contact centre leader, NICE. It is compatible with 50+ languages, and you can configure the software to automatically apply speech analytics to calls handled by specific agents or queues. You can connect Uptivity’s speech analytics with the company’s performance management module to correlate agent efforts with business outcomes.   

  1. Provana ICAP

ICAP by risk and compliance provider, Provana, is a purpose-built solution for call centre speech analytics use cases. It uses AI to monitor 100% of agent conversations, mapping these against predefined performance benchmarks, and compliance checklists. You can set up custom dashboards with auto-generated agent scorecards to monitor speech analytics findings.  

  1. Verint Speech Analytics

Verint is an end-to-end customer experience management and contact centre solution provider. It has a speech analytics software for recorded call analysis and transcription. Verint speech analytics aids in root cause investigation and at-risk customer prediction, improving performance. It also connects with the company’s VoC tool, revealing customer intent when combined with text analytics and survey data.   

  1. VoiceAnalytics

VoiceAnalytics is a cloud-based speech analytics solution that analyses 100% of daily/hourly conversations between your agents and customers. These calls are mapped against parameters like emotion, speech style, speech quality, call productivity, and designated keywords and phrases. VoiceAnalytics can automatically detect in-call speech, music and void periods giving you visibility into productivity.  



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