CallMiner Introduces New Industry-first Initiative

Sandra Radlovački

OVTS empowers organisations with open selection for preferred speech recognition solutions

CallMiner Introduces New Industry-first Initiative

CallMiner, the leading provider of conversation analytics to drive business improvement, introduced the Open Voice Transcription Standard (OVTS), a standard programming framework to enable organisations to leverage existing or speech recognition vendors with CallMiner.

OVTS works as a link between a wide range of speech recognition providers and the CallMiner Eureka platform. The framework provides a clear pathway for integration with any speech recognition provider via CallMiner’s OVTS API. This way organsiations gain the flexibility needed to expand across regions based on language expertise, change transcription providers depending on evolving business requirements and meet industry-specific capabilities.

Bruce McMahon, VP of Product, CallMiner said:

“CallMiner’s flexible platform accepts customer interactions from all sources – telephony and audio platforms, text-based interactions, such as chats, emails, surveys and reviews – and now with OVTS, transcribed audio from any speech recognizer.”

“The OVTS innovation allows CallMiner to take advantage of new features that speech recognition vendors offer, as well as deliver best-of-breed solutions to our customers based on use case.”

Members who founded OVTS and also helped define the standard to meet the needs of the industry are Nuance, Deepgram, Allo-Media and AppTek. OVTS allows organisations to benefit from the most comprehensive conversation analytics by leveraging existing investments with large cloud vendors, such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Transcribe.

Jeff Gallino, CTO and founder, CallMiner, said:

“Organizations are having more customer conversations than ever before across a range of channels – from voice to chat and text.

“By giving organizations the flexibility to use their preferred speech recognition solution within CallMiner, whether it’s because of language capabilities or existing investment and platform considerations, they can effectively identify trends in agent performance, gain insights into customer experience and other key indicators needed to make improvements in the contact center and across the enterprise.”

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