How Conversational Insights Support Better Decision Making in SMBs

John Flood

Deft assessments and good judgement will support SMB growth

How Conversational Insights Support Better Decision Making in SMBs

When Dr Martin Luther King declared: “We are now faced with the fact that tomorrow is today. We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now,” he referred to the need for social change. But the now – the present – is all we have to act. By knowing what is happening now, we can course correct, make decisions, and optimize experiences.

For small businesses with limited resources and lean staff, survival depends on several factors. It’s a mix of deft assessments and good judgement.

Man Doesn’t Live by Gut Instinct Alone

Dr King went on to assert: “In this unfolding conundrum of life and history, there is such a thing as being too late.”

Too late can be the death knell. Just ask many SMB owners, 59 percent of which have experienced a downturn in customer spending this year.

Unfortunately, spotting improvement opportunities is often a struggle. After all, SMB owners cannot afford many of the mammoth data and analytics solutions of high-profile competitors and strip out the same customer experience insights to act on.

However, within customer communications lies many golden nuggets of insight.

Every Call Counts. But You Need to Know More.

95 percent of businesses believe that phones are crucial to customer engagement and generating income. As such, voice remains the king of customer communication.

Moreover, it paves the way for deeper connections with customers than many digital channels and is often the cornerstone for customer retention.

The fly in the ointment is that managing daily call activities is notoriously tricky for SMBs, and lost calls are often accepted as an unfortunate reality.

Nevertheless, by capturing real-time lost call data, SMBs can access call-back opportunities, prioritise urgent conversations, and get a second chance to make a positive first impression.

Building on this point, Colin Gill, Head of Product and Solutions at Akixi, said:

“SMBs want to make these call-backs without employing extra resources. So, by understanding when your quieter periods are and making these calls then, you can maximise efficiency while delivering better customer experiences.”

This is just one example of how conversational insights across the voice channel can enhance customer and business outcomes for SMBs.

Unlocking These Customer Insights

In the book “The Power of Defining Moments,” by Chip Heath and Dan Heath, the authors contend that “a defining moment is a short experience that is both memorable and meaningful.”

The telephone call is the ideal place to create that, and Akixi Insights offers SMBs the insights to create these meaningful experiences across the voice channel.

“SMBs want something easy to use and set up,” said Hilary King, Head of Marketing at Akixi. “They don’t need much training. They can log in and get going straight away.”

With the Akixi Insights solution, SMBs can do precisely that. Meanwhile, they can simply use a selection of pre-built reports or quickly customise and build new ones to fit their exact requirements.

To discover more about how Akixi Insights helps SMBs, visit this page.



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