How Speech Analysis Improves Contact Centre Performance

Sandra Radlovački

Discover why speech analysis should be an essential part of every contact centre

How Speech Analysis Improves Contact Centre Performance

Speech analytics has recently come into the limelight with the widespread adoption of AI and automation solutions. The ability to mine huge amounts of unstructured data and produce insights almost instantly is what makes speech analysis a great tool for improving contact centre performance.

Powered by natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning patterns, speech analysis enables agents to better understand customer effort, friction, and intent, and use these insights to deliver excellent experiences.

Since speech analysis offers a reliable and detailed analysis of customer interactions, there is no room for misunderstandings from the agent’s side, which ultimately leads to better agent performance and increased customer satisfaction.

If this is not enough to convince you to start using a speech analysis tool, we’ve talked with Rene van Popering, Director of Solutions Architecture EMEA, Contexta360, to learn why it is one of the foundational aspects of a thriving contact centre.

Uncovers speech data mines

One of the reasons organisations employ speech analysis tools is to understand the reasons for customer dissatisfaction. These can be range from a customer that has had a bad day to a poor performing contact centre in general. Solving issues first is always a good start.

Going beyond the surface-level problems, Popering believes that speech analytics can uncover an abundance of information. He says:

“Using omnichannel full-view insights of all customer engagements, displaying every aspect of customer service will help you understand how your service centre team performs. It can also give answers to questions like what kind of obstacles are occurring? Is there any discontentment about our services? What sentiments are influencing the satisfaction rates, like NPS for example?”

Speech analysis dives deep into data, interrogating and providing insights that can be of use to every team member. Another valuable capability of speech analysis is identifying patterns and making word maps that can point to upcoming customer trends. Popering elaborates further on this topic:

“As trends occur every day, it’s important to pinpoint both positive and negative customer trends and act accordingly. Using these responses and feedback you may finetune your CX strategy to keep pace with customers.”

Makes agents’ jobs easier

NLP and speech analysis unlock 100% of the customer engagement, enabling a more intelligent and personal approach in boosting customer service talent development.

Not only does speech analysis handles customer data, it also handles the agent’s side of the interaction, giving managers an overview of how well the agent is solving customer queries. This data can also be used for personal development and coaching.

Since speech analysis is NLP-driven technology, it saves agents a lot of time and effort that can be used for call handling, instead of tedious administrative tasks. Popering explains:

“NLP and speech analytics technology captures and fully transcribes conversations to meaningful data displays for managers. It also can summarises conversations and feeds them into a system of record such as Enterprise CRMs.”

“This automation is a huge benefit for employees, as conversation notes are taken over by AI and NLP technology. Creating a consistent customer record helps employees save after-work administration time.”

With agents freed from monotonous manual labour, they can dedicate their full attention to customer interactions and how to handle them perfectly. In almost all cases where agents were satisfied with their job, high customer satisfaction soon followed.

A long-term investment

Investing in a good speech analytics tool can positively affect your contact centre performance. Considering all the benefits of NLP and automation, not investing in speech analytics would be missing an opportunity to supercharge your organisation’s CX strategy, as Popering says:

“Using AI speech end text technology can be your holy grail of customer engagement insights. Eliminating manual research, creating success definitions managed by a result-driven CX programme yields incredible results.”

“These customer insights foster an efficient, friendly service making it more personal and boosting factors like satisfaction, friction, or reputation, which is critical to CX success.”

The rapid growth of speech analytics in the contact centre has pushed many companies to pick the closest solution they could find in order to not lag behind others. When looking for a good speech analytics tool, it’s good to conduct thorough research and find the solution that ‘best fits’ your business’ needs. Reach out to Contexta360 to leverage the power of customer insights.


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