NICE Offers Its Speech-to-Text API to Contact Centers for Free

Service teams can transcribe 1,000 calls per day for free with ElevateAI

NICE Offers Its Speech-to-Text API to Contact Centers for Free
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Published: June 9, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

NICE has launched a free version of its speech-to-text API, which allows contact centers to transcribe 1,000 calls every day.

The API comes from its ElevateAI suite, which serves up the technologies behind many of NICE’s products to developers in a piecemeal fashion.

Alongside the transcription API are pre-built AI models that help to draw insights from those transcripts, such as customer sentiment, behaviors, and more.

Those models will cost businesses more. Yet, the bare-bones transcripts alone will already allow service teams to skim insights from calls manually, enhance customer records, and ensure compliance.

Moreover, this is not a solution created only for NICE customers. As Neeraj Verma, General Manager of AI as a Service at NICE, told TalkingPointz:

Any contact center across the world can sign up for our service through our own website (, and they’ll receive a thousand free interactions every day that they can transcribe.

“You can be on Verint, Genesys, or another technology and easily bring amazing CX models into your contact center for free.”

Moreover, NICE supports 140 different formats, whether that is a WAV, MP4, or something else – each delivering high accuracy rates.

Indeed, the vendor has worked with customer service teams for 20+ years, developing transcription technologies specifically for contact centers. That, for Verma, differentiates the API. He stated:

We have hyper-optimized our transcription to be essentially perfect on contact center interactions and people talking together over a phone call.

By demonstrating this to service operations that leverage other contact center solutions, NICE can showcase its expertise.

From there, the vendor hopes to introduce service teams to its other AI models, which can extract further value from these transcripts.

“We’re offering this to contact centers to really get started,” concluded Verma.

Many of those already working with NICE will already utilize the speech-to-text API as part of its speech analytics solution.

That solution is part of NICE’s ever-growing AI portfolio, which expanded further this week with the announcement of three new generative AI innovations.

NICE Releases New Generative AI Innovations

Alongside ElevateAI, NICE offers Enlighten, its core AI suite that aspires to “make your entire contact center smarter.”

Earlier this week, during its hallmark Interactions event, NICE added three new solutions to that suite: Enlighten Copilot, Enlighten Autopilot, and Enlighten Actions.

In a press release, NICE claims that Copilot sits alongside reps, helping them craft customer responses.

The vendor also suggests Copilot will offer agents personalized coaching and allow agents to offload repetitive tasks. While NICE does not get specific on the latter, those tasks likely relate to post-call processing – such as summarizing the conversation and adding disposition codes.

Meanwhile, Autopilot broadens the scope of its conversational AI, allowing bots to answer more customer queries by drinking from “trusted company knowledge.”

Finally, Actions supports contact center leaders in spotting opportunities for contact center automation – which CXone users can act on using other applications within the CCaaS platform.

Commenting on these three innovations, Barry Cooper, President of the CX Division at NICE, said:

NICE is writing the next page in CX innovation by bringing the benefits of AI in a trusted, enterprise-grade manner to empower human-friendly conversations that create exceptional experiences for consumers, employees, and executives.

Indeed, the vendor will hope these latest solutions cement its status as a CCaaS leader, which the most recent Gartner Magic Quadrant and Forrester Wave reports underline.

Yet, with generative AI causing a surge in contact center innovation, expect many more announcements to come.



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