RingCentral Releases a Conversational Analytics and Automation Platform for Sales Teams

The release highlights how the vendor is jumping on the generative AI bandwagon

RingCentral Releases a Conversational Analytics and Automation Platform for Sales Teams
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Published: March 27, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

RingCentral has released RingSense for Sales, an AI platform that supports sales teams with analytics and automation tools.

The platform leverages generative AI alongside machine learning models, which RingCentral has trained on millions of hours worth of interactions.

In doing so, it churns out insights for revenue-generation teams. These insights may include the best time to follow up with a customer, suggestions to shorten prep time, and keyword trends from successful conversations.

Yet, for RingSense to deliver actionable insights, it must drink from a drink from a deep well of customer-specific data.

RingCentral enables this by allowing the solution to funnel data from third-party CCaaS, UCaaS, and CRM platforms alongside additional customer experience and enterprise communications tools.

Scanning all this data, RingSense aims to spot issues before they become particularly problematic. These may include missed deadlines, coaching gaps, and mixed messaging.

In addition, the platform offers the tools to automate monotonous tasks, such as monitoring follow-ups and auto-creating call notes.

Celebrating the launch, Vlad Shmunis, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of RingCentral, stated:

With RingSense, we have the opportunity to inject cutting-edge AI across the entire RingCentral portfolio and make communications a powerful resource for businesses to unlock new potential and quickly extract meaningful information and insights.

RingCentral also wishes to support users in sharing data across the business, allowing other departments to draw value from them.

For instance, marketing teams can harness insights, isolate drivers for sales, and maximize their presence in deals.

The following video showcases more excellent examples of these insights.

More Innovations from RingCentral

The launch of RingSense came during this week’s Enterprise Connect event in Orlando. Yet, it was far from RingCentral’s only announcement.

Indeed, the vendor also doubled down on further convergence between its UCaaS and CPaaS platforms, promoting the term: UCPaaS.

With this, the vendor aims to break the boundaries between applications and platforms – allowing businesses to better extend and customize their enterprise communications portfolio.

Indeed, RingCentral offers over 500 APIs to its partners and has now added to this with new conversational analytics APIs to capitalize further on the newfound AI momentum.

These bring new speech-to-text, emotion analysis, and audio summarization capabilities to RingCentral’s customers.

Alongside this is a new video SDK, which will allow businesses to build white-label video solutions, which they can use to embed videos on their website or social media without using an intermediary, such as YouTube or Vimeo. They may also open it up as a channel for live customer communication.

Each of these offers insight into how RingCentral is preparing for the composable future of CX.

In doing so, it has also engaged in many significant partnerships since the start of the year, championing CX interoperability.

The standouts include its deals with Avaya and AWS, with the latter particularly significant, as it gives Amazon Connect users access to the UCaaS tools they have long craved.


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