Top Speech Analytics Providers for 2022

Pinpoint several leading speech analytics vendors by scouring through our shortlist

Top Speech Analytics Providers for 2022
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Published: February 4, 2022

Rebekah Carter

With so many important nuances and insights hidden behind the voice of your customers and employees, speech analytics tools are rapidly becoming a must-have investment.

Used correctly, speech analytics can unlock benefits in many areas – from driving satisfaction to measuring emotions, increasing productivity to supporting the marketing department.

Crucially, speech analytics technologies are also becoming increasingly accessible. Many of the modern tools on the market either integrate directly into your existing contact centre and CRM technology or come built into the CCaaS marketplace.

So, which are the top speech analytics providers in 2022?

Speech Analytics Innovators to Watch This Year

Rapidly, speech analytics technology is emerging as a central tool for the CX environment. Because of this, we’re seeing a huge number of analytics, reporting, technology, and contact centre companies getting involved with the industry. Here are just a handful of the options available.

A contact centre solutions and services provider that offers speech analytics as part of its workforce optimisation suite, Aspect is a fantastic choice for analytics. The Speech Analytics technology available from Aspect offers a comprehensive insight into all call centre activities. You can also leverage reports showing performance on key metrics for your team.

CallMiner offers a dedicated solution for speech analytics, combining state-of-the-art artificial intelligence with a comprehensive omnichannel platform. The technology is perfectly suited for capturing and analysing customer interactions across multiple channels (not just voice). You can even access handy insights to help you connect the dots and find patterns in your communications.

The comprehensive Clarabridge speech analytics technology offers in-depth audio mining to help with everything from understanding your target audience, to ensuring compliance. The service can simultaneously process up to 200 streams of uncompressed audio data and automatically transcribe call recordings too. Sentiment scoring also helps with capturing the voice of the customer.

Verint’s speech and text analytics technology is available as part of the company’s end-to-end solution for tracking the voice of the customer. The solution automatically analyses themes, phrases, and words to reveal trends in your business, as well as opportunities, threats, and more. Everything naturally integrates with the Verint customer engagement platform too.

Cognito is an advanced AI solutions provider for the contact centre; its flagship product, Dialog, leverages speech analytics to improve performance and QA. The technology embeds into your contact centre and offers intelligent AI coaching for your workforce. You can even use this technology to assess conversations in real-time and take advantage of opportunities as they emerge.

Offering everything from contact centre technology to leading workforce management tools, Genesys isn’t just a speech analytics system. This end-to-end cloud-based contact centre service is great for using speech analytics to evaluate call recordings (includes text analytics capabilities)

Invoca offers a combination of call tracking and analytics through the Signal AI system. The conversational intelligence offering immediately gets to work the moment a conversation begins. Predictive models can analyse all of your spoken conversations in-depth to classify call outcomes such as appointments set, and purchases made, which can then be pushed into your marketing platforms.

Another example of a company that goes above and beyond with speech analytics, NICE offers comprehensive contact centre and service management technology. The NICE environment also offers access to a host of dedicated speech analytics tools.

One of the most comprehensive intelligent voice systems on the market, VoiceAI is a voiceprint recognition and AI-based voice solution provider, using speech analytics for security and CX enhancements use cases. The solution also works with leading vendors like AudioCodes, to bring intelligence into more of your conversations.

A leading company in the world of customer experience and communications, Dialpad offers end-to-end solutions for innovation in the communication space. This includes giving companies the freedom to analyse their conversations with reporting and analytics tools. You can even capture workspace team conversations for collaborative insights.

Diasee is a voice analytics and AI insights company dedicated to helping organisations leverage deeper insights from the contact centre. The cutting-edge solution helps with everything from evaluating agent performance in calls, to tracking productivity, and improving quality assurance

A quality assurance and agent performance optimisation platform, incorporating speech and text analytics into its call scoring, transcription, and CX assessment capabilities. The quality management and assurance platform offered by Evaluagent helps to keep several important insights into your business aligned in the same crucial ecosystem. The service is already used by leading brands like Atos and Santander. is a contact centre AI provider, applying speech analytics to evaluate agent performance and unearth coaching insights informed by real-world calls. With this service, companies can access AI insights in all of their contact centre conversations, improving customer interactions, and optimizing workplace productivity in the process.

Each of these vendors offers many use cases that have the potential to improve CX. To uncover a handful of these, read our article: Five Ways to Use Speech Analytics in a Contact Centre



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