AI in the Mid-Market: Driving Better Customer Service Experiences – #CXTrends24

CX Today's David Dungay hosts Frederic Laziou, CEO, Puzzel

Driving CX Experiences with AI in the Mid-Market (CX Trends)
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Published: July 1, 2024

DavidDungay Dungay

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CX Today’s David Dungay hosts Frederic Laziou, CEO, Puzzel.

The video forms part of our CX Trends series, where we deep dive into a series of trends from across the CX space.

In this episode, we consider the convergence of service, sales, and marketing, discussing:

  • Key challenges that mid-market companies are facing in the CX space and how can AI-enabled solutions help
  • Advice mid-market organization should consider when searching for the right AI tools
  • How should mid-market companies balance the cost of AI implementation with the potential return on investment in customer experience

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