Chattermill: CX Leaders Point to Highest Ever Customer Expectations

William Smith

New research has found almost all customer experience leaders believe customer expectations are at their highest ever level

Chattermill: CX Leaders Point to Highest Ever Customer Expectations

Customer feedback analysis company Chattermill has released new research surveying over 300 global leaders in the customer experience and marketing space. 

Chattermill offers a feedback analysis solution powered by AI and natural language processing. The offering includes omnichannel data capture, sentiment analysis and dashboards to power insights into customer feedback. 

The new research looks ahead into customer support trends in 2022, with standout findings including the fact that 96.2% of those surveyed said customers are more likely to share positive or negative experiences now than in the past.  

However, the report also found 88% believed their existing tech stack was holding them back when it came to providing customer support, either in the form of outdated tools or an overabundance of data. 

“Getting Customer Support right has never been more important,” Chattermill CEO Mikhail Dubov told us.   “Customers demand more from brands than ever before and are more likely to publicly share their experiences when things go wrong. The data from our survey tells us that exceptional Customer Support leads to higher growth, higher customer satisfaction, and higher levels of customer loyalty.”

Other findings included the fact that: 

  • 98.2% of leaders believe that good Customer Support is a “key driver” of customer loyalty 
  • 50% of respondents identified moving from a reactive to a proactive approach in customer support as the most important trend for 2022 
  • 28.4% of Customer Support agents pinpoint organisation and processes as their biggest challenge 
  • 52.1% said investing in customer support results in improved up- and cross-selling 

“To get to a place where we can delight our customers in this way, deliver on our strategic goals, and harvest the business benefits, we first need to clear some hurdles,” said Dubov.

“Most importantly, we need to not be one of the 88% of leaders who are held back by their existing tech stack. To do so, we need to invest in new technology that unifies the extensive customer data we already have and delivers meaningful insights that help us actively improve our customer support experience.”



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