Medallia Acquires CXTeam

Charlie Mitchell

The acquisition paves the way for Medallia to expand its presence in Latin America

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Medallia Acquires CXTeam

Medallia has acquired CXTeam, a CX consulting firm with clients based across Latin America.

The deal comes after the two companies established a successful long-term partnership, implementing Medallia solutions across hundreds of enterprises within the continent.

These solutions shine a light on the many signals customers and employees produce, which offer critical insights into their experiences. How do they feel? What do they like? What could be better? Medallia strives to flood such data into the company in real-time.

Harnessing the technology, CXTeam works closely with clients to capture this data and make sense of it so that companies can understand every experience – no matter if it takes place on the website, in a store, or contact center.

Now, the two companies will work as one. Excited by this prospect, Leslie Stretch, CEO and President of Medallia, said:

CXTeam has been an incredible partner through the years, and I am thrilled to take this next step with them. This builds upon our momentum in the region, and with CXTeam’s deep expertise and experience, we can help more organizations use Medallia Experience Cloud to drive faster ROI.

Such ROI is also likely to be driven by advancing AI, which Medallia exploits to analyze customer and employee actions. In doing so, clients may detect patterns, identify risks, and predict behaviors.

From there, CXTeam will work with companies to plan ahead, fix problems before they happen, and double down on opportunities to transform CX.

After this announcement, CXTeam – under the Medallia banner – will continue to do so. They will also provide companies across the continent with CX training, strategy, design, and implementation services – alongside additional business consulting.

Ready to press ahead and support more companies in accelerating their CX transformation programs, Jesús Casas, Co-Founder and Partner at CX Team, added:

“We have seen first-hand the incredible impact Medallia and customer experience can have on driving loyalty and directly impacting companies’ bottom lines.

Organizations throughout Latin America are rapidly adopting new strategies focused on their customers, and we are excited to help accelerate those efforts.

These customer-focused strategies will harness the voice of the customer (VOC) tools at the disposal of Medallia, which enabled the company to be named a leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Companies will also benefit from its employee experience suite, which – according to Medallia –  is enjoying record-breaking growth.

Combining these capabilities, Medallia is reaffirming its belief that: “Customers build the best products. Employees build the best companies. Together, they build the best brands.”



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