Qualtrics Announces Two New AI Solutions to Stop Agent Turnover

The launch comes as the CX industry faces a talent crunch and increasing agent turnover

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Published: October 5, 2022

Zac Wang

Qualtrics announced two new AI-powered features aimed at reducing agent workload amid a labor shortage in the industry: Real-Time Agent Assist and Automated Call Summaries. 

The new release against a backdrop where only 54 percent of agents believe their leadership invests in their team, according to Qualtrics research.  

Add to that the industry-wide trend of cost reductions as consumers tighten their wallets, and Qualtrics’s launch makes perfect sense in the current economic climate. 

As Brad Anderson, President of Products and Engineering at Qualtrics, said: 

“For many companies, addressing feedback after a customer has had a poor experience is not enough to salvage the relationship. Organizations need to guide and orchestrate experiences in real time and that starts on the front line.” 

Qualtrics’ Real-Time Agent Assist assists agents during live calls, leveraging AI and natural language processing to develop real-time recommendations on what to do or say next. Qualtrics also said its machine learning capabilities can recognize customer sentiment and the reasons for their call. 

The solution then groups that data together with the customer’s historical profile, and millions of data points that customers have had with the brand across all channels. 

Real-Time Agent Assist can also suggest personalized experiences and offers, and relevant knowledge base articles.  

In addition, it may deliver reminders to the agent if they are going off-script or out of compliance, whether they should be nicer to the customer, or offer a discount.  

Automated Call Summaries, on the other hand, comes in at the end of a call. It is designed to replace the tedious work that agents carry out when they write up a call summary or log follow-up actions. 

Now, agents can access instant call recaps that include details from the call such as why the customer called, how the call went, whether the issue was resolved, how much effort was needed to reach that resolution, and what steps still need to be taken. 

Such innovations help cut costs, but also support agent engagement. This is crucial as post-call work contributes to burnout and already one in five agents (20%) think about quitting every week, according to Qualtrics research. 

The summaries also integrate into a company’s CRM to provide a smooth, seamless data collection and access experience. 

Qualtrics Real-Time Agent Assist and Automated Call Summaries are available in private beta today.  



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