Qualtrics Expects 1.5bn Yearly Actions on XM platform

William Smith

Qualtrics's experience management platform has already seen 450mn automated actions this year

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Qualtrics Expects 1.5bn Yearly Actions on XM platform

Enterprise feedback platform provider Qualtrics focuses oExperience Management, with the company offering ways for companies to leverage the feedback of employees and customers to design and improver products and experiences. 

The company’s experience management operating system XM/OS witnessed almost 450 million automated actions via its xFlow technology between January and April 2021, which Qualtrics said represented a 640% increase year-over-year. 

“The ability to quickly understand your customers’ and employees’ needs and adjust experiences in real-time is what keeps businesses alive in times of disruption,” said Brad Anderson, President of Products and Services, Qualtrics. “XM/OS is the only solution that can give you the agility and power to design meaningful experiences and continuously improve them. 

xFlow is a no-code solution for processing experience data via workflows and integrates with over 130 other solutions such as SAP, ServiceNow, Microsoft Teams and Salesforce. 

“The value of experience management is turning insights into action,” said Brad Anderson. “The Qualtrics XM/OS is operating at an incredible scale, as more Qualtrics customers use the platform not just to deeply understand their customers and employees but also take action to deliver incredible experiences across their entire organisation.” 

Sentiment Analysis Database 

The company further said it had more than four billion unique customer and employee IDs in its XM Directory, a human sentiment database that takes in customer and employee data to create unique identities based on individual feedback. That data is in turn used to train the company’s sentiment analysis algorithm, allowing for a more personalised customer experience. 

“This era of experience transformation is why the number one priority for companies in the new world of work should be connecting with the hearts and minds of their customers and employees and using those insights to design their new work experiences,” said Brad Anderson. “Re-writing the playbook on work will not be a ‘one and done’ experience, but a constant evolution. It’s why having the right technology in place to continuously design and improve meaningful experiences will be crucial — and why it will determine whether your organisation succeeds or fails in the post-pandemic era.” 

Qualtrics’ XM directory also includes text records processed by its Qualtrics iQ solution, which uses AI and machine learning to uncover meaning in sentiment data. Qualtrics said iQ now analyses more than 36 million records of open text per month, with the data fed back into improving its sentiment algorithm. 

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