SAP and Qualtrics Launch Concur Experience Optimiser

Sandra Radlovački

New solution allows companies to improve spend management in the hybrid workplace

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SAP and Qualtrics Launch Concur Experience Optimiser

SAP and Qualtrics have partnered to streamline travel and expense management in hybrid workplaces.

Titled Concur Experience Optimiser, the jointly developed solution combines Qualtrics’ employee experience management platform with SAP’s Concur data.

The solution allows companies to improve employee experiences and confidently adapt travel and expense programmes for the future of work. With Concur Experience Optimiser, companies can design travel programmes for the hybrid workplace, improve spend management processes and increase employee retention.

Mike Koetting, SAP Concur solution area lead at SAP, said: “People are a company’s greatest asset, and it’s no secret that retaining employees has become even more critical.”

“A company’s travel and expense programs can directly impact an employee’s experience. Concur Experience Optimizer helps organizations understand the reasons behind employee behaviour so they can make adjustments that are in line with both employee sentiment and business objectives.”

Jay Choi, Qualtrics chief product officer, said:

“Our research shows that demand for business travel is returning to pre-pandemic levels, but getting the employee experience right is more nuanced and complicated than ever before.”

“It’s critical for organizations to understand how employees feel about the new world of travel and use that experience data to meet their evolving health and safety needs.”

Concur Experience Optimiser uses technology from Qualtrics and SAP® Concur solutions, along with expert services from SAP Concur Experience Management consultants to help companies listen, analyse and act on employee feedback and create continuous feedback loops.

Concur Experience Optimiser can help companies:

  • Improve employee experiences: Better understand how policies are affecting employee sentiment, safety, well-being, productivity and attrition risk
  • Effectively manage spend: Gain insight into the critical influences that impact employee buying decisions and organisational spending patterns, supporting early detection of potential saving opportunities and closing policy and process gaps
  • Reduce risk and non-compliant spend: Identify risks in programmes and adjust processes that allow for non-compliant and potentially fraudulent spending
  • Optimise programmes for growth: Make confident travel, expense, compliance and spend management program adjustments to lead healthy business growth with enhanced visibility into critical business problems
  • ​​Drive sustainability: Make enhancements that align with organisational sustainability objectives, enhance the organisation’s brand and reduce the carbon footprint



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