Sitecore Acquires AI Digital Search Platform Reflektion

William Smith

The experience management platform said the purchase would add cognitive search to its platform

Sitecore Acquires AI Digital Search Platform Reflektion

Digital experience management platform Sitecore has announced the acquisition of Reflektion, an AI-powered digital search platform. 

Reflektion’s platform understands and predicts patterns and context to convert shoppers. With 93% of online experiences beginning with search, Reflektion provides more tailored and personal answers for customers. 

Sitecore said the acquisition would give it the power to boost shopper engagement and speed up purchasing decisions – with an attendant effect on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Reflektion can be deployed across Sitecore’s platform, transforming product data into consumer-focused language. 

“Search is about more than just entering words into a box and hoping for the right results – it is the cornerstone of a digital experience. With Reflektion, a brand can add various types of search including personalised search, preview search, conversational search, and voice search,” said Steve Tzikakis, CEO, Sitecore 

“This reduces customers’ effort and anxiety to find exactly what they need – with more convenience and speed – and leads to increased customer satisfaction with more conversions and revenue. Acquiring Reflektion reinforces Sitecore’s position as the leader in digital experience technologies that meets customers in the moment with more relevant, intuitive, and human experiences.” 

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, with the acquisition expected to close in September 2021. 

“Since its inception eight years ago, Reflektion has become recognised for its unique approach to search-product discovery technology. Our technology uses AI to adjust each consumer’s digital experience, in the moment, based on diverse data from multiple channels,” said Amar Chokhawala, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Reflektion.  

“I am proud of the passionate team at Reflektion who has been successful in bringing our AI-first approach to many site-search deployments for large e-commerce and retailers’ websites. With Sitecore, the Reflektion team and customers will be able to continue to leverage the enhancement of digital experiences, leading to continued growth and results for all.” 



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