74% of WFH Agents Concerned They’re Being Monitored  

Carly Read
Senior Reporter

76% also worried about communications surveillance while working remotely 

74% of WFH Agents Concerned They’re Being Monitored  

A new survey has revealed that 74% of remote working employees are concerned about their employer monitoring when and how much they work.  

In addition, 76% of workers are concerned about their employer monitoring their communications, highlighting the fact that despite the benefits new and exciting technology can bring to agent productivity, it also has its downside. 

The study by Elements Global Servicesan HR technology & services company, identifies a lack of trust between business leaders and employees.  

Other key findings include: 

  • 83% said they trust their HR manager or department, however, two-thirds said they’ve neglected to report something to HR because they didn’t think HR would fix the issue
  • 49% who have neglected to report something cited fear of retaliation
  • 74% of those who work remotely are concerned about their employer monitoring when and how much they work
  • 76% of workers who use a computer are concerned about their employer monitoring their communications
  •  64% said they have deleted browsing history at some point
  • 53% said they have deleted a Slack or similar instant message so it cannot be seen by a boss 

Rick Hammell, CEO and founder of Elements Global Services, said the results of the survey identifies growing anxieties from workers about management surveillance in their day-to-day activities.  

He said: “For employers to identify solutions, bridge the gap and ease concerns of employees, employers first need to recognise the growing distrust created in today’s work environment.  

“The key to alleviating distrust is investing in solutions and becoming more flexible, transparent and involved.”   

Despite the lack of trust between employer and employees, the study comes after a Talk Talk poll found a huge 58% of remote agents have reported that their productivity has surged while working from home 

The research from the internet provider also revealed that bosses agree working remotely has had a positive impact on the typical working day as well as their employees.  

When business leaders were asked what the benefits were from having staff work remotely, 30% said their teams have been more productive, while 35% said they had also been more collaborative. 



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