8×8 Introduces XCaaS – Its Secret Sauce for Success

Charlie Mitchell

By combining advanced UCaaS and CCaaS capabilities, 8x8 aims to transform agent experiences

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8×8 Introduces XCaaS – Its Secret Sauce for Success

8×8 has enjoyed a busy start to 2022, launching solutions centered on XCaaS, a deployment model that blurs the line between CCaaS and UCaaS.

Alongside its new Conversation IQ tool – which surfaces interaction insights, trends, and sentiment –the 8×8 Agent Workspace is an excellent example of how the vendor innovates with XCaaS.

The solution aims to enhance hybrid agent experiences, hinging on a design-led user interface (UI) that delivers an intuitive experience, blending UCaaS collaboration capabilities with an advanced CCaaS solution.

David Sipes, CEO of 8×8, believes that such ingenuity will differentiate its vendor proposition. During a recent earnings call, he said:

As the only fully-owned unified cloud-based UC and contact center platform, 8×8 XCaaS is uniquely positioned to capitalize on this opportunity and advance our industry.

“We are leading the innovation and offering customers new experiences, advanced AI-driven analytics, and a modern, intuitive interface.”

The 2021 8×8 acquisition of Fuze – a fellow UCaaS and CCaaS vendor – has powered much of this innovation while allowing the provider to expand its global footprint.

In addition, the deal offered the opportunity for XCaaS upgrades and cross-sells, enabling 8×8 to grow its total enterprise customers to 1,320.

Yet, not all of these opt for the native 8×8 XCaaS capabilities. Indeed, many are integrating the 8×8 CCaaS platform with Microsoft Teams – in line with the rapid global surge to the leading UCaaS platform.

Discussing how 8×8 plans to seize upon this trend, Sipes stated:

Our feature-rich direct routing solution for Teams continues to be an important competitive differentiator for our UC solutions and is becoming a significant driver of new [business].

Recent adopters of this 8×8-Teams integration include the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Think Research, and the University of Bristol.

The latter is a particularly innovative case study, with the University combining 8×8 XCaaS and 8×8 Voice for Microsoft Teams to offer over 27,000 students access to new engagement channels.

More interestingly, they will utilize the Microsoft certified Teams 8×8 Contact Center analytics capabilities to fuel next-generation student welfare initiatives.

Such an example exemplifies the vision that 8×8 has for the XCaaS-fuelled enterprise, which many brands are now embracing.

8×8 earnings highlight this, with XCaaS revenue growth increasing by 35% year-over-year, making up a significant chunk of the $181 million the company recorded last quarter.



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