How Quality Assurance and Workforce Management Can Combine to Create Customer Service Magic

As EvaluAgent and injixo team up, exciting opportunities for increased WFO interoperability come to the fore

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Published: April 5, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

More customer experience vendors are joining forces, sharing data, and innovating together to solve problems for their customers.  

The new partnership between EvaluAgent – the quality assurance (QA) stalwart – and injixo – the workforce management (WFM) provider – is an excellent example of this.  

Both share the same type of clients. These customers want best-of-breed vendor solutions beyond what is natively available within their contact center platform. 

Now, by bringing their solutions into lock-step, the vendors can go deeper into every aspect of optimizing that workforce and offer even more value to their customers.  

Here are a few examples of how they may do so.  

Think of The Possibilities!

EvaluAgent’s QA software auto-scores customer conversations across all contact center channels. As such, it can spot when agents are at their best. That provides rich data for scheduling. 

For instance, if the WFM team discovers that an agent performs better in the morning than in the afternoon, they may schedule that agent for customer interactions early in their shift and schedule shrinkage activities for the afternoon. 

In addition, the QA data shows which queries an agent handles best. This enables the planners to assign the correct skill levels to each agent – and make sure the right agents are on shift at the right time. Result: better first-contact resolution and lower handling times.  

Such use cases enable WFM teams to take a much more granular approach to shift planning, which drives contact center efficiency forward.  

The EvaluAgent-injixo integration paves the way for this. Meanwhile, their co-innovation means that the following joint capabilities will also soon become available: 

  • A Unified Calendar – Agents and supervisors may view their entire daily schedule in one place, including their performance management activities. 
  • Simplified Reporting – Leaders can combine operational and performance management reporting into a single pane of glass dashboard, bringing together WFM metrics such as schedule adherence and agent performance statistics.  
  • Agent Management –The integration pushes performance stats over to WFM teams, allowing them to manage the schedules of new starters to evolve the onboarding process.  

An In-Depth Example of How QA and WFM Can Combine to Create Magic

Let’s dig deeper into one particular use case and spotlight its possible benefits.  

First, consider a couple of statistics from a 2023 CCMA report. It found that 53 percent of agents experienced stress symptoms at work 

The study also suggested that “it’s getting harder to take breaks when needed” is the highest ranking of 21 factors that impact agent well-being. 

Increasing AI and automation, taking all the simple, transactional tasks away from agents, is the likely cause for this – according to the report. 

It suggests that agents have much fewer calls to mentally reset. Now, it is tough call after tough call, and agents don’t get that minute to take a breath. There is no break. 

Enter an integrated QA-WFM solution. As James Marscheider, Chief Commercial Officer at EvaluAgent, suggests:  

“You can a look at the automated quality scores of a cohort of agents. If their performance drops after being on the phone three hours, leaders know to roster in a proper break time.”

With a quick break, contact centers can maintain performance levels, and these little wins add up over an agent population.  

“Already, we have the data to help contact centers tell the story, justify the investment, and showcase a significant ROI,” concludes Marscheider. 

Why Not Stick with the Tools Native to My CCaaS Platform?

Nowadays, many contact center providers offer their own QA and WFM tools – which many operations chose to implement in the hope of working with fewer vendors.  

Yet, the functionalities often miss the mark. Consider the following cautionary tale.  

In the past year, a well-established supermarket chain purchased a CCaaS platform, paying a seven-figure sum over a four-year contract. 

A cohort of decision-makers signed it off before bringing in department leaders. Yet, the head of QA soon realized the solution only met 15 percent of its requirements. 

Indeed, the procurement team ticked the box that it had QA, but they didn’t go deep on what the QA team wanted.  

Thankfully, EvaluAgent stepped in to save the day.  

Yet, the QA vendor doesn’t only differentiate itself through its native functionalities alone. 

With injixo, it also allows for increased WFO interoperability, as the use cases above indicate. 

The vendors also offer a joint go-to-market proposition, so businesses won’t feel as though they are working with separate vendors. 

Moreover, EvaluAgent and injixo allow for tighter integrations with other customer experience systems – which may provide additional benefits.  

EvaluAgent Will Kickstart More Partnerships to Create Customer Service Magic

CCaaS providers often provide excellent native integrations. But, they are less proven in spreading WFO data across the enterprise. 

For instance, can a CCaaS vendor filter QA and WFM data into an HR system to provide a complete overview of agent performance? It is incredibly unlikely. 

EvaluAgent and injixo make such use cases possible.  

Meanwhile, the QA player has other alliances across the customer experience space, struck to bring new innovation to life.  

Another excellent example is its Zendesk partnership. As Marscheider says: 

“Add Zendesk to the platform, and every ticket comes with an auto-generated quality assurance score, alongside a report highlighting hot topics, keywords, long pauses, and more.

“There is no need to manually trawl through every ticket anymore to capture insight.” 

EvaluAgent also works with contact center vendors to use its QA to supplement routing strategies. So, if its solution suggests an agent is excellent at handling one particular query, it can inform the routing software, so it sends lots of those queries to the agent. 

The potential cost savings and CX impact in this particular example are – in a word – “magical.” 

Yet, these examples showcase how EvaluAgent’s best-of-breed QA technology drives better customer, agent, and business outcomes. 

To discover more and delve deeper into its injixo partnership, visit:  


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