ServiceNow Launches an Agent Experience Innovation

Charlie Mitchell

New interfaces for agents and operations teams inspire collaboration

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ServiceNow Launches an Agent Experience Innovation

ServiceNow has launched a series of innovations for its Now Platform, designed to digitize, connect, and automate siloed processes.

The first is a Service Operations Workspace, which empowers agents and operations with a single space to work, collaborate, and enjoy greater visibility into issues.

As such, agents can team up with supervisors and subject matter experts (SMEs) to problem solve and overcome issues quicker.

Similar innovations are becoming commonplace in modern customer service environments as the agent role grows more complex due to rapid self-service and automation deployments. Sweeping up all the transactional contacts, these technologies leave agents to fend one complex query after another.

In addition, human support is developing into a significant CX differentiator, as many businesses struggle to keep pace with nifty, agile, digital disruptors. Offering these tools to service teams supports such a strategy.

Commenting on how the Service Operations Workspace assists brands in this changing climate, Stephen Elliot, Group Vice President, I&O, Cloud Operations, and DevOps at IDC, stated:

Operations teams must adopt innovations that put new efficiency and governance guardrails in place for employees who will lead business growth and innovation.

Other innovations released by ServiceNow include an App Engine Management Center (AEMC) and new Public Sector Digital Services.

The AEMC empowers citizen developers to create low-code solutions, enabling co-innovation and paving the way for CX teams to get closer to the development process. In doing so, they can ensure the solution best supplements the customer journey.

As a governance technology, it also helps scale and safeguard app development across an organization. Platform admins may then set guardrails, apply standards, and check for compliance in a single location.

New Public Sector Digital Services also facilitate innovation, providing plug and play data models and workflows that allow governments to accelerate transformation projects faster.

Thrilled to release these additions to the Now Platform, Chirantan Desai, COO at ServiceNow, said:

ServiceNow empowers customers with scalable, purpose‑built solutions that help them stay a step ahead in serving their own employees, customers, and citizens. [The] solutions we’re launching today enable organizations to create better digital experiences for the modern workplace.

Early adopter Fannie Mae – a mortgage loan provider – can testify to this, developing productivity tools and a new user experience to support the customer experience team.

Discussing his experience with the latest Now Platform, Raghu Bellary, Senior Director at Fannie Mae, added:

In collaboration with ServiceNow, Fannie Mae has transformed and modernized our Technology Service and Operations Management capabilities while enabling great experiences for our employees.

In addition to the AEMC, Fannie Mae will soon harness the Service Operations Workspace, so service teams “have a single pane of glass to manage their work and collaborate across workstreams efficiently and productively.”

The company and all other ServiceNow clients can access the Service Operations Workspace in June 2022, when it becomes generally available.

In the meantime, these companies may explore the Qualtrics CustomerXM integration with the Now Platform added in December 2021.



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