The Top Business Process Outsourcing Companies for 2024

Leading BPO Solution Providers in 2024

The Top Business Process Outsourcing Companies for 2024 - CX Today Market Map

Published: April 1, 2024

Rebekah Carter

The value of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies has skyrocketed in recent years, particularly in the contact center and customer experience landscape. Offering organizations an opportunity to rapidly expand and augment their teams, BPO leaders help CX teams to build incredible strategies for enhancing customer loyalty. 

With the opportunity to outsource various processes to experts and global teams, companies can streamline everything from managing technical resources to administration. The value of Business Process Outsourcing companies is so significant, that the market is expected to grow 8.5% by 2027 

To help business leaders decide which vendors to work with, we’ve assessed some of the top solution providers in the market, to bring you this map of leading business process outsourcing companies. 

The article provides a snapshot of the vendors featured in our BPO Marketplace.

  • Accenture 
  • Genpact 
  • Teleperformance 
  • Concentrix 
  • Alorica 
  • TTEC 
  • HGS 
  • Sutherland 
  • Tech Mahindra 
  • TELUS International 
  • Transcom 
  • Conduet 
  • Comdata Group 
  • IBM 
  • Wipro 
  • Infosys 
  • Foundever (Sykes Enterprises) 
  • Cognizant 
  • Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) 
  • Atento 


Specializing in consulting and information technology services, Accenture stands among the top business process outsourcing companies in the world today. The vendor’s BPO solutions cover everything from supply chain management, to marketing, financial operations, and customer service.

With a team of experts located across multiple countries, Accenture can assist organizations in accomplishing a range of goals, whether they’re focusing on digital transformation, or compliance and security. The company also works with a host of ecosystem partners, ranging from Adobe and Salesforce, to SAP, and has earned awards for its BPO solutions. 

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Evolving professional services firm, Genpact, ensures companies can take advantage of cutting-edge technology and human resources, to tackle everything from sustainability, to security and compliance. With Genpact, businesses get a leader in insights-driven BPO, delivering in-depth insights through comprehensive analysis and reporting services.  

Genpact’s services address various use cases, from extensive automation, to generative AI development and management. The company also offers support with supply chain management techniques, risk and compliance efforts, and sourcing and procurement strategies. Plus, Genpact can adapt its services to meet with the unique needs of specific companies in various industries. 

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Multinational company Teleperformance is one of the leading business process outsourcing companies, focusing on supporting companies with advanced digital technology. Solutions available from the company range from BPO services for customer journey management, digital automation and AI, and even leveraging the metaverse.0 

The organization also offers specific solutions for companies managing hybrid and remote work teams, as well as specialized services for recruitment, interpretation and translation, collections, and visa and consular services. Plus, their team, located worldwide, is fluent in over 300 languages and dialects, Ensuring they can support companies from all regions. 

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Specializing in digital customer experience, Concentrix helps companies to design, develop, and deliver comprehensive customer experience strategies. The organization combines technology-infused and analytics-led operations, with comprehensive customer journey mapping. Concentrix offers a range of BPO solutions, covering everything from automation to digital engineering and data analytics. Concentrix even offers generative AI-focused solutions. 

With their wide selection of experience design, trust, safety, and compliance solutions, Concentrix ensures businesses can build and maintain the right strategy in the customer experience landscape, without compromising on regulatory guidelines. Plus, the organization can also offer specialist solutions for management consulting and organizational excellence.  

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One of the largest business process outsourcing companies specializing in customer service, Alorica works as an experience partner for companies worldwide. The company’s solution architects build customized blueprints leveraging a network of data applications and cloud-based digital tools. Plus, they take a robust approach to diversity and inclusion.  

Serving companies across 17 countries with more than 115k employees, Alorica assists organizations with everything from understanding the voice of the customer, to building customer loyalty. They can also support organizations with unique needs in all industries, such as FinTech, Health and Lifestyle brands, and technology. 

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Another business process outsourcing company concentrating on the importance of exceptional customer experience, TTEC delivers services to local and global businesses alike. With over 23 years of experience in CX and digital transformation, and over 2,000 employees, TTEC promises robust solutions to businesses. It can also offer services in over 25 languages.  

TTEC’s outsourcing services cover everything from customer care and customer acquisition as a service, to specialist CX for startups. TTEC’s team can also assist with fraud prevention and detection, back office support, CX analytics, and contact center technology integration. The team have won awards worldwide for its comprehensive approach to customer success. 

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HGS, or Hinduja Global Solutions is a digital customer experience leader, recognized by analysts like Gartner. The company specializes in the development and delivery of next-level technology and customer service strategies. The brand also has expertise in autonomous CX, helping clients to deliver consistent interactions at scale that are personalized to consumers. 

The services offered by HGS cover everything from extensive analytics and automation, to cloud management, IT staffing, and modern “digital” CX. The company even offers solutions for companies looking to implement generative AI capabilities into their omnichannel customer service strategies. Plus, they partner with leaders like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and Genesys. 

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Promising to assist companies in making digital experiences more “human”, Sutherland Global defines itself as a business process transformation company. The company offers a wide range of solutions to suit all business needs, from experience-led digital transformation services, to the implementation of AI and analytics into business strategies.  

Sutherland uses a combination of highly-trained staff and digital technology to ensure companies can comprehensively assess and upgrade their CX strategies. The organization also builds it’s own technology and platforms, tuned to address the common requirements of modern CX teams, such as its “Sutherland Cognitive Knowledge Engine”.  

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Tech Mahindra 

Specializing in the development of blockchain technology, and innovative ecosystems, Tech Mahindra operates as part of the “Mahindra Group”. The company serves businesses from a huge selection of industries, including communications, healthcare, life sciences and banking. The organization’s broad range of services include solutions for all forms of innovation and business growth. 

Companies can access data analytics, generative AI, and artificial intelligence solutions, as well as telecom product engineering and network services. For CX leaders, Tech Mahindra even offers services tuned to experience design, constructing omnichannel strategies for serving consumers, increasing sales, and improving brand loyalty. 

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TELUS International 

Canadian technology company TELUS International describes itself as a customer experience innovator that develops, builds, and delivers next-gen digital solutions for brands. The company promises end-to-end service innovation, assisting organizations with the design of experience solutions, strategy, and more.  

Companies can leverage TELUS International services for everything from CX process consulting, to UI/UX design, and managing omnichannel customer experiences. Plus, TELUS also offers access to support and advisory services for things like workforce management, innovation ideation, intelligent automation, and data annotation.  

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Designed to support rapidly growing brands, investing in next-level digital transformation, Transcom is one of the top business process outsourcing companies for CX development. The company ensures organizations can tap into the latest transformational solutions for customer service management, ranging from generative AI, to extensive automation.  

With services spanning across 28 countries, in 33 languages, Transcom even delivers tailored technology solutions for ecommerce and tech brands, services and utilities companies, telecom and broadband operators, and more. Plus, they can assist companies in the development of comprehensive digital transformation strategies.  

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Specializing in the unique iGaming industry, Conduet is an American business services provider, originally formed in 2017. The company offers sales culture and technology consulting for companies searching for ways to improve customer interactions and drive brand loyalty. Plus, they can help with things like reactivating disengaged customers, and building sales acquisition funnels. 

For organizations searching for assistance with everything from expanding reach to potential customers, to leveraging innovative technology like AI and automated systems, Conduet takes a comprehensive approach to consulting and support. The company even develops and implements intelligent platforms for business leaders. 

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Konecta (Comdata Group) 

Specializing in end-to-end sales and customer experience management, Konecta, previously the Comdata Group, serves clients in over 25 countries, with over 130,000 employees. The brand focuses on helping companies to deliver outstanding services, with a combination of comprehensive knowledge, and leading technology solutions. 

Alongside CX management solutions for marketing, sales, and customer care, Konecta also supports businesses with business processes, the implementation of innovative AI technology, and solutions for artificial intelligence. They can also work alongside brands as a digital marketing agency, provider of cloud services, and CX consulting team.  

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Technology giants IBM deliver a combination of services and technology to address a huge variety of business needs. The company’s BPO and consulting services focus on assisting companies to rethink and optimize their operations in various areas. IBM can assist companies with streamlining supply chain operations, marketing, and talent recruitment. 

For CX leaders, IBM delivers end-to-end contact center capabilities with an experience-led co-creation strategy, assisting companies with things like implementing AI solutions into self-service journeys, increasing agility in resolution management, and more. Plus, IBM also provides access to in-depth analytics and reporting for business decision making. 

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Multinational corporation Wipro delivers multi-cloud brokerage services, business support consulting, process automation solutions and more to organizations worldwide. The company can help organizations plan their transition to the cloud, build robust cybersecurity strategies, and even assist with the development of modern infrastructure.  

With Wipro, companies can also access support with digital marketing, and building comprehensive customer experience strategies. Plus, Wipro can even aid companies in the management of back-end operations and administrative processes. The organization has innovative solutions for data management too, such as data operations insights as a service.  

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Focusing heavily on the customer experience landscape, Infosys has developed a range of platforms, tools, and services to help drive companies towards CX and digital transformation goals. The company supports businesses in defining and developing digital business operations models. Plus, organizations can also leverage guidance and support with AI implementation. 

For CX leaders, Infosys even ensures businesses have the resources they need to reach their SLAs. Infosys’ comprehensive approach to business process outsourcing also includes a range of “acceleration” services, for things like Agile DevOps, cybersecurity, and Metaverse development. Plus, there are innovative solutions for companies leveraging blockchain and the Internet of Things.   

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Foundever (Sykes Enterprises)  

Delivering omnichannel contact center solutions and robust digital transformation strategy support, Foundever is one of the top business process outsourcing companies concentrating on CX. The company has more than 170,000 associates located worldwide, and supports business leaders in 45 countries, combining technology with solution expertise. 

Promising assistance with every stage of the customer journey, the Foundever team delivers everything from right-shorting solutions, to human-centered CX strategy development. Plus, the company can assist organizations with implementing new technologies into their ecosystem, such as automated workflows and AI.  

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American multinational information technology and consulting company, Cognizant, supports businesses in modernizing their technology stack, reimaging processes, and transforming experiences. With Cognizant, companies can apply the benefits of modern engineering and technologies to their business processes. The organization even has its own skilling platform.  

Services offered by the brand include everything from Cognizant Neuro, a solution intended to help businesses take advantage of end-too-end business automation, to AI solutions. Plus, the customer care solutions offered by the organization help companies connect with clients across channels, authenticate interactions, and boost employee experiences.  

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Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)  

Global leader in IT services, Tata Consultancy Services, is one of the top business process outsourcing companies specializing in technology innovation and business growth solutions. The company serves organizations from a range of industries, helping them to leverage custom-made solutions for everything from LLM (large language model) development, to cyber security solutions. 

Alongside offering businesses a range of products and platforms for business management, TCS also provides end-to-end consulting solutions to organizations, and support with skilling and upskilling teams. The company also offers solutions for “cognitive business operations”, leveraging innovations in the artificial intelligence landscape.  

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Atento is a global service provider, delivering solutions for relationship management, customer care, sales, and back office support. Serving over 400 clients worldwide, including those in the technology, telecommunications, and finance, Atento takes a flexible approach to BPO. The company also leverages data science, digital marketing, and intelligence to help increase sales. 

With Atento, companies can discover new ways to engage customers, automate and streamline repetitive tasks, and analyze essential business metrics. Plus, Atento also helps organizations transform customer experiences with next-level artificial intelligence implementation, robust data security, and pre-built CX solutions. 

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