Top Workforce Engagement Management Software Vendors in 2024

Leading Vendors of Workforce Engagement Management Software

Top Workforce Engagement Management Software Vendors in 2024 - CX Today Market Map

Published: April 1, 2024

Rebekah Carter

Workforce engagement management software (WEM) has become increasingly valuable to contact center leaders in recent years. To deliver consistently exceptional customer experiences, companies first need to focus on the employee experience, ensuring agents are supported and empowered. 

Workforce engagement management software provides organizations with the tools they need to motivate and align team members, manage resources more effectively, and improve employee satisfaction. Not only does this reduce turnover in the contact center, but it also has a direct impact on customer satisfaction scores, loyalty, and workplace productivity.  

As the market for “WEM” software continues to grow, expected tor each a value of $10.24 billion by 2029, now could be the perfect time to invest in your employee experience strategy. Here are some of the top workforce engagement management software vendors to consider in 2024. 

The article provides a snapshot of the vendors featured in our Workforce Engagement Management Marketplace.

  • Avaya 
  • NICE 
  • Genesys 
  • Talkdesk 
  • Playvox 
  • Five9 
  • Calabrio 
  • Verint 
  • Vonage 
  • EvaluAgent 
  • Eleveo 
  • Alvaria 
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) 
  • Enghouse 


Known for its wide collection of UCaaS, CCaaS, and CPaaS offerings, Avaya builds workforce engagement management software into its comprehensive Experience Platform suite. The WEM solution features solutions for automatic interaction recording, staff scheduling and calendar optimization, and live interaction monitoring.  

Companies can also access tools to help them assess agent performance in real-time, deliver coaching to distributed staff, and consolidate agent desktops into a single unified view. Avaya’s solution also helps to enhance team productivity, with deep insights into customer journeys and profiles, customizable alerts, and integrations with collaboration tools, like the Avaya Cloud Office system. 

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Technology vendor uses software to boost contact center performance and deliver insights into customer journeys. The company’s suite of solutions covers everything from contact center large language modelling technologies to auto summarization bots to save employees time on repetitive tasks. For workforce engagement management, offers tools for agent performance tracking and coaching, automatic quality assurance, and real-time AI assistance.  

With this toolkit, business leaders can unlock the insights they need to schedule agents more effectively, forecast future demand, and minimize compliance risks. Plus, agents get the step-by-step assistance they need through the full interaction journey to ensure they can achieve their full potential, without adding new complexity to workflows. 

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Part of the comprehensive collection of contact center and CX tools offered by NICE, the AI-powered Workforce Engagement Platform focuses on empowering modern teams. The full toolkit features generative AI solutions in the form of Enlighten Actions and Enlighten Copilot, for real-time agent assistance and data insights. Companies also get tools for AI forecasting and scheduling, automated quality management, and interaction recording.  

Plus, a full range of performance management tools helps companies to engage employees with proactive coaching, gamification, and dashboards. There are even insightful dashboard and reporting tools, unlocking full visibility into the metrics driving the growth of your contact center. 

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Offering solutions for a range of contact center needs, Genesys delivers Workforce Engagement Management solutions focused on elevating employee experience. The company’s WEM solution includes features for employee performance management, workforce scheduling and forecasting (powered by AI), and automatic quality assurance and monitoring.  

Companies can leverage intelligent tools for long-term workforce planning, and access combined speech and text analytics, with included transcription and sentiment analysis. Plus, there are intuitive gamification tools, such as scorecards and leaderboards, to help keep staff members motivated throughout the modern contact center.  

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Investing in a range of AI solutions for contact center optimization, Talkdesk produces tools that streamline and improve employee and customer experiences. The workforce engagement management software offered by Talkdesk combines AI-powered staffing and scheduling solutions, with quality management, interaction recording, and an intelligent agent assist solution.  

Agents gain access to a comprehensive workspace, where they can take advantage of intelligent insights and automation to streamline workflows. Plus, managers get interactive data visualizations to help them identify opportunities for agent development and coaching. Talkdesk also offers the “conversations mobile app”, and knowledge management tools to support agent productivity. 

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Playvox delivers workforce engagement management software alongside accompanying solutions for capacity planning, quality assurance, coaching, and quality management. The holistic WEM platform supports companies in intelligently forecasting, scheduling, and monitoring their workforce in real-time, with embedded AI solutions and sentiment analysis. 

Organizations and their agents can access Playvox Workloads, to automatically distribute customer interactions to analysts based on specific filters. There are employee motivation tools designed to help companies engage and recognize top talent consistently. Plus, companies can also take advantage of digital learning tools, and coaching software with Playvox. 

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Contact center vendor Five9 offers a full toolkit of solutions for “employee experience”, including workforce engagement management software. The offering is packed with features for tracking performance metrics with actionable reports and dashboards, and automating repetitive tasks. Companies can tap into solutions for intelligent scheduling and forecasting, and gain deep and accurate insights into schedule adherence.  

Plus, Five9’s solution also features tools for quality management, allowing supervisors to recreate entire interactions and deliver real-time feedback to agents. Performance management tools also ensure companies can establish goals, track performance and reward agents for their achievements. 

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Calabrio’s full suite of software solutions addresses everything from contact center conversational analytics, to call recording and quality management. The workforce engagement management software offered by the cloud vendor includes features for AI-driven predictive forecasting and robust omnichannel scheduling. There are tools for managing intraday adjustments rapidly, and allowing agents to adjust their own schedules. 

Calabrio’s “WFM” solution also comes with a built-in Data Explorer tool, which makes it easier to create custom reports connecting the voice of the customer and the voice of the employee. Moreover, there are solutions for coaching, gamification, real-time interaction scoring, and more.  

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Verint is one of the better-known providers of workforce engagement management software for the contact center. The vendor’s technology uses industry-leading AI to help businesses ensure they have the right people available in their team at the right time, while also paving the way for stronger employee experiences. Solutions like the Verint Workload forecasting bot deliver useful insights into scheduling strategies that enhance customer satisfaction. 

Other features like the interaction wrap-up bot from Verint can save agents time on repetitive tasks, and streamline performance. Verint even offers solutions to ensure companies can give their agents instant feedback and coaching on their interactions in real-time, wherever they are.  

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Vonage collaborates with workforce engagement management software providers to infuse WFM and WFO solutions into its contact center portfolio. The company givers companies instant access to solutions for scheduling and forecasting, enhanced by artificial intelligence, as well as full supervisor, quality, and performance reporting tools.  

Vonage customers can tap into all of the features of Verint’s WFM platform without leaving their Vonage contact center platform. This allows organizations to tap into a unified and comprehensive view of their human resources, with Verint’s AI-driven technology. Companies can also leverage WFM solutions from Calabrio and Injixo within the Vonage contact center.  

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Quality assurance and agent coaching platform provider EvaluAgent assists businesses in evaluating business performance at scale. The comprehensive platform enables access to customizable, AI-driven conversational intelligent, automated quality assurance, and agent improvement workflows. Companies can unlock insights from every stage of the customer and employee journey.  

Plus, there are tools for tracking must-monitor interactions, and improving performance withr real-time coaching. EvaluAgent also helps companies to boost employee satisfaction, with support for delivering real-time feedback, training, and gamified experiences.  

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Providing access to software for contact center optimization, Eleveo combines call recording software, with workforce optimization and engagement solutions. The WFO platform comes with features for automated categorization, interaction tagging and speech analytics, omnichannel data tracking, and search analysis.  

There are tools for ensuring companies can schedule employees effectively, with predictive forecasting. Plus, the scheduling solutions leverage AI insights to overcome and mitigate potential risks. Eleveo’s software also includes comprehensive reporting tools for turning raw data into actionable intelligence.  

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Contact center technology vendor Alvaria delivers a suite of workforce engagement management software and scheduling optimization solutions to global businesses. The comprehensive workforce platform includes numerous advanced features, from cross-location shift management, dynamic scheduling, and simulations to test forecasting models.  

There’s automated assistance solutions to help empower teams with the right strategies for better customer service, as well as real-time and historical analytics dashboards and reporting tools. Alvaria also has its own integrated solutions designed to motivate agents, by ensuring they can access data, feedback, and coaching.  

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a comprehensive suite of cloud-based services and tools for contact center teams. The Amazon Connect CCaaS solution features native workforce optimization and engagement solutions, with AI-powered scheduling and forecasting capabilities, intelligent insights, and metric tracking.  

AWS uses AI technology to empower companies to make better decisions about how to improve both employee and customer satisfaction. Plus, the company’s suite of software solutions can easily integrate with a range of WEM offerings from other market leaders such as Calabrio, and Verint. This gives companies the flexibility to build their own ideal technology stack. 

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Enghouse Interactive

Enghouse Interactive a selection of CCaaS and contact center offerings for businesses of all sizes and industries. The vendor’s products include intuitive solutions for AI-enabled agent evaluation, voice of the customer tracking, internal collaboration, and more. With Enghouse, companies can quickly forecast demand and improve agent schedules, deliver team training, and track performance metrics. 

There are AI-powered tools to help companies plan for the future based on “what-if” scenarios and simulations. Plus, with a self-service platform, employees and agents can view and trade shifts, access dedicated performance reports, and more. There are even tools in Enghouse’s platform that assist with multi-skill and multi-channel forecasting.  

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