Verint Expands WFM With AI-Powered Interviewing Tool 

Carly Read
Senior Reporter

Comes as firm acquires technology assets of HireIQ 

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Verint Expands WFM With AI-Powered Interviewing Tool 

Verint today announced it has expanded its WFM offering with intelligent interviewing features following the acquisition of HireIQ, a pioneer in hiring automation.  

Full financial details of the deal were not disclosed by Verint, but the company said it intends to bring on the HireIQ workforce in full. 

To meet the challenges of today’s highly competitive labour market, traditional interview and evaluation processes must be reimagined to increase hiring success rates and retention rates. 

Digitising and automating critical elements of the hiring process is imperative to support the new ‘work from home’ reality of both candidates and hiring managers. 

With Verint Intelligent Interviewing, organisations can elevate candidate quality and customer engagement, accelerate speed-to-hire and enhance employee retention through automated, analytics-driven candidate screening to reduce the risk of mis-hiring for organisations and candidates. 

Verint’s David Singer, vice president, go-to-market strategy, said: “The hiring process is critical to build long-standing, effective relationships with employees, and key to the selection of candidates who are the best fit for the organisation – technically and culturally – to deliver exceptional customer engagement. 

“Intelligent Interviewing is a natural complement with Verint Workforce Management to extend strategic planning from concept to execution − with Verint Performance Management helping to ensure a quality customer experience, and with Verint Interaction Insights, helping to ensure the selection of top talent.” 

Sheila McGee-Smith, contact centre industry analyst, added: “Two new macro-economic changes are being felt by companies across the globe. After months of relatively low turnover, employees are re-evaluating their current positions and looking aggressively for new opportunities. Many will be looking for companies that support hybrid and work from home models. 

“Verint Intelligent Interviewing is the right solution at the right time to help companies ease the transition to the future of work, in the contact centre, the back office, and beyond.” 

Verint Intelligent Interviewing improves hiring outcomes by finding candidates most likely to be long-tenured, highly skilled, motivated and engaged, reducing attrition and increasing attendance. 

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