10 Tech Experts Introduce the Top CX Products of 2022

Sandra Radlovački

Execs from leading contact centre and CRM vendors share their thoughts on the hottest technology in CX

10 Tech Experts Introduce the Top CX Products of 2022

During our inaugural CX Summit, we were delighted to welcome many prominent experts in CX technologies.

Now, we’ve reached out to many of them once again, asking ten specialists to share their top CX products currently taking the space by storm.

Find below the answers of the following CX leaders:

  1. Alex German, VP of Commercial Sales, Kustomer
  2. Zack Taylor, Director of Strategic Communications, Cisco Contact Centre BU
  3. Rowan Trollope, CEO, Five9
  4. Julien Rio, VP of International Marketing, RingCentral
  5. Neil Titcomb, Managing Director UK&I, Odigo
  6. Paul Lang, Head of Contact Centre Solution Marketing, Avaya
  7. Steve Bell, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Talkdesk
  8. Tim Pickard, Chief Marketing Officer, Sabio
  9. Alberta Bosco, Product Marketing Manager, Puzzel
  10. Jessica Kimmet, Product Manager, Streem

1. Alex German:

“There are a few popular products, starting with the CRM and omnichannel timelines, which enable better human support. With all the channels and systems integrated into a single timeline view, contact centre teams can deliver fast, personal customer support.

“If I’m an agent and I can help a customer on a social channel, – e.g., on Instagram DM, – and I should be able to offer a refund, edit, or exchange without leaving them.

With such an omnichannel system, the customer can switch to another channel and the agent doesn’t lose history or context, so the conversation can start where the last one ended.

“The next CX product is Kustomer’s state-of-the-art conversational assistance, which leverages CRM data. For example, if a customer buys the wrong product and messages the business through a chatbot, the technology should access data like the order info, the refund exchange, and the entire lifetime value of that customer. Based on this, the bot can alter its responses, so there is really no need for human interference.”

2. Zack Taylor:

“New forms of customer engagement are becoming extremely popular. Messaging is an excellent example of this.

“Customers want to message companies as easily as they message a friend. Such a reality is foisting itself on large businesses, and many of them are making nice progress in assimilating those expectations into their businesses.

“Definitely messaging and new forms of digital engagement are at the top of the list.”

3. Rowan Trollope:

“Beyond the intelligent virtual agents (IVAs), there is an enabling technology called Five9 Voice Stream. It’s a way for all these nifty new businesses to thrive and to plug into our platform very easily.

“Agent assist has also become popular, helping agents by automating many manual tasks. It also helps supervisors and managers with coaching opportunities, task lists, and more.”

4. Julien Rio:

“The first half of the RingCentral portfolio powers internal communication and collaboration. This includes telephony, messaging, video conferencing, and webinar products. What really matters is all of this merges into a single platform.

Nowadays, you may be attending a meeting from your phone or your laptop or your desktop. You might be in your car or in your office.

“There are so many ways of working that you don’t have one product that’s more important than the other. What’s important is that everything communicates together.

“The other half of RingCentral portfolio is everything around contact centre. Being able to merge the channels together makes it so much easier for the agents and generates much better experiences for the consumer, regardless of the channel.”

5. Neil Titcomb:

“We have an application which we call the “Odigo Concierge”, and that very much focuses on self-sufficiency in using AI to create much more personalised, intuitive experiences for customers to navigate using NLP.

“Recently, there’s has been a significant uptick in interest, in the application and the delivery of all that.”

6. Paul Lang:

“Avaya OneCloud CCaaS capability is an all-in-one cloud-based solution that allows flexibility and growth at the customers’ pace.

It’s a proven solution with extensive capabilities for getting the customer connected, orchestrating their journey throughout the contact centre, and providing the relevant knowledge and insights to help both the customer and the organization’s employees serving them.

“Another cloud-based solution is Avaya conversational intelligence, which transcribes conversations in real-time and pushes information and knowledge to CRM systems. Meanwhile, it also provides knowledge and insights to the agent on the screen that’s in front of them, so they can focus on serving the customer.”

7. Steve Bell:

“Talkdesk’s flagship product CX Cloud offers an AI-powered portfolio focused on solving the typical jobs performed in the contact centre. These include:

  • Increasing customer self-service rate
  • Helping agents resolve issues quickly and correctly
  • Identifying the causes of customer issues
  • Optimising agent resources against demand

“Beyond CX Cloud, Talkdesk’s industry cloud products have been a real hit as they are purpose-built to meet specific vertical market needs.

They are pre-integrated with core industry systems, custom workflows, and automation. The AI models are also pre-trained for specific industry expertise.”

8. Tim Pickard:

“The AI and automation trend will continue as it’s really in its infancy right now. Consider conversational AI, which enables customers to talk to a computer, much like they would to an Amazon Alexa smart device.

“That is a big change and one that we’ve seen adopted by many large organisations, since it really helped them handle high volume transactions.”

9. Alberta Bosco:

“Our customers are looking at improving the digital services to respond mainly to the customer once. And what their customers want is the faster and easy resolution of simple problems without having to pick up the phone and wait in a queue for a human agent to be available or even having to chat with an agent.

“For example, if you want to know when your delivery is arriving or want an invoice, you don’t want to talk to someone you don’t need to. That’s just a transactional type of problem. You want to be able to find the answer without any fuss automatically.”

10. Jessica Kimmet:

“StreemCore out-of-the-box product is by far our most popular product. It’s easy to implement, fits well into existing workflows, and serves three primary purposes.

“It allows you to meet your customers wherever, on any device, at any time. It also allows you to see what your customer sees for added accuracy and context. Further, the solution connects product details for easy sharing and deeper data insight.

“One of our favourite features is Stream Shots, photographs that come with technology such as optical character recognition, accurately capturing serial and product numbers.

“The other key feature of StreamCore is that it does not require any app download. It’s much easier for our customers to do business with their customers when they don’t have to ask them to download an app or do any extra work.

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