7 Insightful Public Sector CX Case Studies to Read in 2022

Incredible examples of CX solutions for the Public Sector

8 Insightful Public Sector CX Case Studies to Read in 2022
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Published: June 2, 2022

Rebekah Carter

The public sector is facing incredible pressure to adapt, transform, and evolve in a new world of post-pandemic interactions. With trust levels among citizens at an all-time low, today’s public sector groups need to prioritise CX to keep communities running smoothly.

Fortunately, there are countless tools in the digital landscape today which can help empower public sector institutions, so they can offer the kind of meaningful interactions today’s clients are looking for. Now more than ever, business leaders have access to everything from CCaaS solutions for contact centre support anywhere, to intelligent workforce optimisation.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how the right CX vendor can help your company transform in 2022, the following case studies are sure to offer amazing insights.

The City of Vancouver and Calabrio

Focused on the value of a strong and supported community, the City of Vancouver is committed to delivering the exceptional services citizens need to enjoy a better quality of life. As the city continues to grow and Vancouver began rolling out new solutions like the 3-1-1 service, the public sector group anticipated a rapid increase in call volumes.

Representatives of the city were already managing calls up to 365 days per year, in up to 175 different languages before they turned to Calabrio for help. Using the Calabrio workforce management solution, the City of Vancouver could give their team members a better level of work-life balance, without compromising on service for a growing caller base.

TCDRS and Pegasystems

The Texas County & District Retirement System assists more than 330,000 Texas employees in planning for their future with disability, retirement, and survivor benefits. The agency serves a huge range of people, from young experts entering the workforce, to retirees. To support these efforts, TCDRS turned to Pegasystems to enhance their technology core.

According to a case study released by Pegasystems, TCDRS recently expanded their use of the Pega unified platform by implementing new customer service tools, for a seamless, and more efficient support environment. The organisation also implemented a CRM platform from Pega, so users could manage customer information and service in the same single pane of glass.

BBB Boston and LiveChat

A group committed to creating a fairer, more quality-focused marketplace, the Better Business Bureau is responsible for dealing with a huge number of inquiries on a regular basis. The public sector venture helps consumers to make educated decisions about their purchases, giving accreditations to those who abide by a specific set of standards.

To ensure they could communicate with their audience as efficiently as possible, and cut down on the number of phone-based conversations, BBB Boston implemented LiveChat technology. The LiveChat ecosystem offered a convenient environment for customer service, along with useful analytical tools for tracking important service trends.

The City of Toronto and Salesforce

Dedicated to delivering the highest possible quality of life for visitors, residents, and business alike, the City of Toronto works hard to stay on top of queries and requests issued by citizens. The Toronto 311 service represents the front line of the communication ecosystem for the group, responsible for building relationships, establishing trust, and managing expectations.

To deliver an exceptional level of service for the 311 experiences, the City of Toronto relies on Salesforce technology to combine a multitude of communication methods and a CRM environment into the same environment. The Salesforce solution allows the city to serve residents faster across a multichannel space, and find information at speed. At the same time, Salesforce’s ever evolving platform allows the city to stay on the cutting edge of the industry.

The Citizen’s Advice Bureau and Freshworks

Citizens Advice in the UK is both a non-profit and public sector company offering advice and assistance to those who need it throughout the country. The organisation is actually made up of 285 local charities, providing help with everything from benefits to money matters, and accessing various forms of healthcare.

To deliver the support customers need, the Citizen’s Advice Bureau needed an environment where they could standardise support at scale. The Freshworks environment offered a phenomenal tool for support and service, aligning teams and improving productivity, while allowing for rapid problem resolution and trend discovery.

Northgate Public Services and Content Guru

Working in the public sector since 1969, Northgate Public Services provides outsourcing services and software solutions to local authorities, government agencies, emergency services, housing providers, and transport providers. Over 400 UK local authorities rely on this company.

To manage the service desk and deliver sensational support to all customers accessing Northgate solutions, the company needed a cloud-first and flexible environment. Content Guru, with the storm cloud-based contact centre allowed the brand to easily transition into a new age of customer service. At the same time, the storm team developed a bespoke dashboard for Northgate, to help them view reports more efficiently, historically, and in real-time.

Lake County Health and Five9 

The Lake County Health Department and Community Health Center manages around 52 separately funded programs, with a budget of around $70 million. In the past, fuelling these ventures required the group to use an on-premises contact centre, but the group often struggled with achieving high levels of productivity and efficiency with the tools available. 

When the pandemic hit, the team was only in the very early stages of a digital transformation project. However, with staff no longer able to work from an office environment, the group found themselves needing to upgrade their contact centre strategy fast. Turning to the innovators at Five9, Lake County Health department was able to access the flexibility they needed from a cloud-based solution. What’s more, they also leveraged a pre-built UC integration with Microsoft Teams to boost productivity.  

Fremtind and Genesys

After years of enjoying the benefits of the Genesys ecosystem as a PureConnect customer, Fremtind Service decided it was time to upgrade to a cloud-based solution. An open API environment and excellent uptime reliability offered by Genesys Cloud CX gave the government organisation an excellent way to transition into a new age of work.

The solution created for Fremtind by Genesys made it possible to blend AI innovations into the organisation’s service model to resolve issues quickly, improve agent productivity and save costs. The company achieved a 5% increase in agent productivity, a 95% first-call resolution rate and 30% savings on support and licensing costs.


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