7 Leading Quality Management Software Providers

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7 Leading Quality Management Software Providers
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Published: April 27, 2022

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Quality management software tracks the performance of contact center agents, provides helpful insights, and drives operational efficiency.

Managers can also create rules, standards, and protocols to ensure that agents adhere to performance benchmarks and best practices.

Here are seven contact center quality management software providers that offer leading solutions in this space.

1. EvaluAgent

EvaluAgent provides the platform to evaluate, coach, and engage contact center teams. Alongside the fundamental features of quality management solutions – such as building scorecards, adding weightings, and tracking feedback – EvaluAgent offers many more nifty features for the modern, multichannel contact center. These include:

  • Combined customer feedback, performance statistics, and text analytics to identify interactions that supervisors can score manually for maximum insight.
  • Simple API-driven integrations to retrieve customer feedback, reports, and other performance data to provide a centralized view of agent performance.
  • The automatic evaluation of calls, emails, and chat conversations to identify CX and compliance pain points.
  • Interaction flagging to forward conversations to their quality team for further inspection and root-cause analysis. Such a technique can highlight well-handled interactions too, which may prove useful in coaching sessions as an example of best practice.

2. Scorebuddy

Headquartered in Ireland, Scorebuddy is the ideal tool for finding contact center improvement opportunities and monitoring the effect of resolutions, resulting in better service experiences and measurable outcomes. While it also boasts all the core capabilities of a call center quality management platform – including a call monitoring feature – it also includes more innovative features such as a customer sentiment tracker. Other examples include:

  • Support for moving on spreadsheets, enabling users to create various bespoke scorecard designs, including numerical, non-numeric, and pass/fail formats to match their preferred quality scoring mechanisms.
  • An integrated learning management system to deliver, track, and manage agent development. Such a tool enables contact centers to connect their coaching and quality strategies for enhanced performance management.
  • Survey tools to delve deeper into agent performance, alongside dashboards and analytics to isolate and address these performance gaps.

3. Playvox

Playvox is a QA tool that primarily aims to supercharge the performance of contact center agents. Its initial premise was to recognize excellent agent behaviors, add gamification, and equip leaders with the tools to motivate their teams. Yet, the software provider has added an array of exciting features to develop a fully-fledged quality management solution in recent years. Here are prime examples of these innovations:

  • Accurate interaction filtering that enables contact centers to use fields within their CRM and support systems to target specific contact types for evaluation.
  • Goal setting for agents and analysts to ensure a robust quality management system. Users can align these with coaching goals, thanks to the training tools also available on the platform.
  • Reward and recognition features that ensure agents are continually motivated to keep up their good work. The QA system isolates numerous trends to ensure that supervisors spot every opportunity to celebrate good performance.

4. Calabrio

Calabrio offers a more comprehensive set of cloud contact center solutions than the other providers on this list – offering comparable capabilities to Genesys, NICE, and other prominent CCaaS vendors. While many of these will also provide quality management solutions, Calabrio stands out due to its features that include:

  • A pre-built metrics library, offering out-of-the-box functionality and enabling users to track metrics that go beyond quality scores alone. For example, the system measures first contact resolution (FCR), customer satisfaction (CSAT), sales effectiveness, and more.
  • Integrations with other Calabrio solutions – including its speech analytics and reporting solutions – offer predictive and prescriptive insights. As such, contact centers can quickly drill down into the most delicate details of agent performance.
  • Automatic monitoring of system issues with supervisor notifications, enabling contact centers to stay ahead of problems and limit downtime.

5. Bright Pattern

Bright Pattern offers a solution that splits quality scores between various channels, contact reasons, and locations, encouraging supervisors to dig deeper into performance trends. These go beyond the individual agent level, allowing the operations to pinpoint pressing issues within service experiences. Alongside other foundational features of quality management systems, Bright Pattern offers:

  • A sentiment analysis-driven capability that routes particularly negative contacts over to QA teams for evaluation, allowing the contact center to retrain agents effectively.
  • Feedback mechanisms to create a constructive scorecard, which informs agents why they received a particular score. They may challenge this result by requesting a calibration session, which helps build a collective understanding of performance expectations.
  • Custom key performance indicators (KPIs) that appear on the agent dashboard alongside quality scores. The contact center can look for correlation between these metrics and lift operational insights.

6. Klaus

Klaus delivers an AI-driven quality management platform to monitor every contact center conversation and pinpoint interactions likely to provide the most insights. Other AI capabilities include sentiment analysis, conversational trend-spotting, and automated assignment reviews. Further nifty features include:

  • A 360-degree feedback function that combines quality reviews with customer feedback for a deeper understanding of agent, team, and company performance.
  • Agent notifications of reviews and positive trends that increases agent engagement with their performance. The data visualization techniques embedded into the Klaus dashboard also support this.
  • Helpful tags and review comments to isolate significant service-related problems and identify performance improvement opportunities.

7. MaestroQA


Maestro is a customer service quality management solution that offers a data warehouse alongside reporting and analytics tool integrations that support connected workflows. Further innovative features – native to the platform – include:

  • Connections with support helpdesk, CRM, and other software to enhance contact filtering and pinpoint the best contacts for manual quality monitoring
  • Rules-based QA and feedback automation for more intelligent workflows that speed up various quality assurance processes.
  • Report building features that isolate coaching and process gaps, allowing operations to get a more comprehensive view of agent performance.

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